kuler RIA comes to Dreamweaver

On the heels of integrations with Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, Dashboard, and even Visio, Adobe’s kuler hosted app/color community is now integrated with Dreamweaver, courtesy of the good folks at WebAssist.  The panel is a free download from their site.

Seems like there just might be something to this desktop/Web hybrid thing.  Perhaps we’ll get it into Photoshop yet. 🙂

Speaking (completely tangentially) of Color-Related Technologies with Funky K-Based Names™, the color bars of Pioneer’s Project Kuro remind me of kuler.

0 thoughts on “kuler RIA comes to Dreamweaver

  1. Nice thing.
    Another possibility that i see for kuler integrated into development is throw Flex Builder, allowing one to choose a set of colors and apply those in themes for components inside Flex / AIR projects. It could go as far as someone updates the color sets inside kuler and if there is an application using that set, it will be updated on the go, showing the new themes.

  2. Kuler?!? Sifting through literally kamillions of user-submitted palettes takes too long. It has led me to return to Photoshop’s color picker to find colors for all my css text and layout schemes (and logos and identities).
    You guys in the ‘other’ products have to either get Illustrator’s real-world-usable color mixers, or in the case of J. Nack, a web 2.0 Flash version of those AI color machines (’cause that AI CS3 desktop version is sooo 2007).

  3. nah- could we get ability to paste background matte hex code in save for web color picker in PSCS5 please?
    either i’m the only one constantly using this or there more silent sufferers but it’s amazing that bug since v7 still exist where you can’t use eyepicker -> open color chooser -> copy hex -> cancel -> safe for web -> open color chooser for matte -> paste hex. yeah- i’m trying to ‘paste’..oggh damn%#@ again it never work so..hell cancel back back back @#$@ open photoshop color picker once again, write down hex on paper, cancel, safe for web, click color chooser, enter manually f-a-6-0-f-d.. :((

  4. @shortmemoried
    100% agreed. Worst part is you CAN copy/paste the hex code on the PC version, but not OS X.
    wtf? I have to use spotlight to paste my hex code, then use CMD+Space to switch between looking at it and typing it in the color picker.

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