Now showing: The original Photoshop icons

With Photoshop recently having celebrated a birthday, it’s fun to stumble across the original Photoshop icons.  Make that "PhotoShop," as the big S was present when the application was briefly bundled by BarneyScan, before it became an Adobe product*.  The original product icon, designed by Photoshop co-creator John Knoll, was replaced by the eye that served from 1990-2003.  John added his perspective in the blog post’s comments. [Via]

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*Until recently, however, the spellchecker in MS Office insisted on inserting the capital S–completely annoying.  I filed a bug with Microsoft, but I don’t know whether the change made it into Office ’07.

0 thoughts on “Now showing: The original Photoshop icons

  1. Wow. I never realized that the Photoshop name related to a film finishing kiosk. It’s odd to associate the name with one-hour 4×6 prints which never see dodging or burning let alone airbrush retouching. Humble beginnings indeed. And we were all getting scans done in those days, so Photoshop didn’t relate at all to processing images direct from cameras.

  2. I love those old school graphics, whats the deal with that wizard guy?
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to put the wizard next to the cat thats being electrocuted? that would really make him look like an all powerful wizard, any old wizard can make a flower but it takes mad skills to light up a cat.
    [ 😉 –J.]

  3. Your spellchecker footnote reminds me of an Easter egg we put into Adobe PageMill (1996 or so). Back then, Microsoft FrontPage was a main competitor.
    If you used the word “FrontPage” in a PageMill document, it flagged it as a misspelling, and offered “PageMill” as the correction.
    [Nice. There’s a certain feature hopefully coming to Photoshop that just begs for Easter eggs… –J.]

  4. I miss the old splash screens.
    Nowadays, the splash screen is so plain and boring. I loved the one from Photoshop 7, where the lens filter jutted out from the main rectangle of the dialog. I was also a fan of the “first round” of feathers for CS.
    Here’s hoping CS4 will go back to that…

  5. Office 2K3 with the latest updates insists on small s, John, as does 2K7 now (with both the US and Australian dictionaries, no less).
    See, the giant has swayed under your influence ;p
    [Heh heh–how could such power not go right to my head?? 😉 Thanks for the info, Phil (and thanks for the hook-up, Office team). –J.]

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