No, seriously, you *do* suck at Photoshop…

Heh–in the vein of sites like, now we’ve got the Photoshop Disasters blog–chock full of image manipulation mishaps.  It’s good to indulge in a little schadenfreude now and then, and with phrases like “the culturally-ravaged, post-wardrobe-malfunction neo-fundamentalist, sexual dystopia we live in,” it has to be good.  (Wasn’t that the Smucker’s slogan?) [Via Lori Grunin]

Speaking of sucking, You Suck at Photoshop #8 has been posted, getting Fergilicious with 3D layers.

0 thoughts on “No, seriously, you *do* suck at Photoshop…

  1. The Photoshop Disasters Blog is pretty inaccurate. The author has found some legitimate examples of bad retouching, but is just plain wrong in most of the assessments. I’d take a second look before recommending it.
    [I can’t claim to have done more than cruise over the first page of the blog, so I apologize if it’s a bum recommendation. –J.]

  2. I actually thought that was quite funny. Usually, I would never have noticed alot of those mistakes. It’s interesting how obvious something becomes when it is pointed out to you.

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