"Am I Hot Or Not" for Websites

CommandShift3 (heh, great little Mac-nerd name) describes itself as "like Hot or Not.
Except, instead of clicking on hot babes, you click on hot websites."  In other words, screenshots of two sites are presented for your review, and you click the one whose design you prefer.  It’s fun to think about why certain sites are more appealing than others, and I’ve found myself clicking through to explore more than a few of the contestants.  Note the leaderboard that shows particularly strong sites from the week, month, and all time.

0 thoughts on “"Am I Hot Or Not" for Websites

  1. Very cool concept. I guess if the screenshots are hand generated and cropped as it seems to mention in submitting a site. Why wouldn’t they wait for a Flash site to finish loading.. unless they want us to rate progress bars 🙂

  2. It’s a cool concept, but I could not get a decent view of half the sites because of nothing showing but splash screens, flash intros, or nothing loading at all. Also a simple screen shot doesn’t give you any idea of interactivity, which is a lot of what makes a site “hot” 🙂
    If they built a better way to view the actual site – maybe open a pop up or something – then it would be a much better experience.

  3. Rachel is right.
    With the current method, weak sites can win simply on the strength of a prominently placed cool photograph/artwork (just look at this weeks current No1 http://www.lafano.it).
    in my opinion, while static look/first impression is very important, only the whole (interactive) experience of surfing a site really makes it hot (or not).

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