A pair of cool new Photoshop plug-ins

  • People are raving about Nik Software’s Viveza plug-in for color correction within Photoshop.  The tool uses Nik’s unique U-Point technology for placing a control element onto the document, then tweaking hue, saturation, contrast, etc. on the canvas. Here’s a quick video intro to the basics.  Scott Kelby loves it, and the plug-in picked up a Best of Show from Macworld at PMA.  It’s $249 diretly from Nik.
  • onOne Software, publishers of tools like Genuine Fractals and Mask Pro, have announced Focal Point for selectively blurring images, adding vignettes, and more.  I’ve mentioned ways to simulate lens blur & tilt-shift photography using Photoshop, but Focal Point goes further in offering an interative "lens bug" widget for fine control.  The plug-in is scheduled to ship next month and will cost $159.95. [Via]

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  1. Frankly, I’m not all that fond of control points as a concept. They are too blunt an instrument for me in their application of adjustments. They ignore edges compared to the way I work. I’ve given them a try a couple of times, and can’t bring myself to use them. Not even if they were free!
    With Photoshop, layers, quickmask, modes and other tricks, I find much more precise control over my images. To me (let me be clear about that) they just don’t cut it as a useful tool.

  2. I’ve been following the Dave Hill discussion lists, and I loved Scott Kelby’s blog entry on how to create the grungy look in Photoshop / Lightroom.
    When I saw that Color Efex from Nik Software had such a wide range of useful filters, including one to produce a similar grungy / edgy effect called Bleach Bypass, and had the ability to selectively apply filters with the U Point technology, I knew immediately I must have it.
    On the following image I performed some basic beauty retouching, skin smoothing, and then applied the Bleach Bypass to create a hard, edgy look that I love.
    [Cool, thanks for sharing this. –J.]

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