Wiimote Hacks + Photoshop

Photographer* Mike Hill passed along a link to crafty hacker Johnny Lee’s hacks to enable, among other things, whiteboarding on the cheap in Photoshop, thanks to a modified Nintendo Wii controller.  PS is shown only in passing, but it’s still fun to see.

This of course makes me think of the Flash-based, Wiimote-powered multi-user painting system created by BLITZ Agency for Adobe MAX last year (details).  It may sound frivolous, but I still like to get my little wheels turning about how to cross-pollinate this kind of Web-flavored coolness with our desktop apps.  I still want creation experiences that can feel more like this, and less like poking sliders and knobs.

* and creepily faithful Michael McDonald imitator

0 thoughts on “Wiimote Hacks + Photoshop

  1. There is so much to learn. Photoshop is such an amazing software. There is never an end to learning what you can achieve with it. Johnny is great at what he does. I actually found some more great videos with him sharing great info.

  2. I love the 3D demo, amazing how the effect works just by tricking the mind so that even without any special equipment everybody can see the 3D effect, this is great!

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