The guys behind You Suck At Photoshop, revealed

So… Dane Cook, or not Dane Cook?  Final wagers, please.

Time Online’s got the answer, along with plenty of other background on the the guys behind You Suck At Photoshop.  Says series co-creator Matt Bledsoe,

"We had both been in the agency business so long that after a while we’d seen every kind of person in the advertising world." One of those stereotypes, he said, was the "insane designer, basically. He has horrible social skills and horrible things going on in his life and the only thing he has going for him is he can out-Photoshop the guy in the cube next to him."

Matt & Troy Hitch are now back in action with Snatchbuckler’s Second Chance, picking up with Donnie’s tastefully named WoW comrade. [Via Scott Valentine]

Tangentially related, as it’s Photoshop-based humor: depending on political leanings you might get a kick out of this. [Via Adolfo Rozenfeld]

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