Earth from on high

Photographer Michael Poliza* has produced a stunning collection of aerial photos, Eyes Over AfricaHe says, "The images came mostly from an
8-week helicopter expedition from Hamburg to Cape Town.  Lots of
zickzacking over this amazing continent.  The Lightroom beta & LR 1.0 was the tool to work my way thru the 30,000 images."  You can browse more than 200 of the images on his site via Flash (also available in smaller HTML form, both uploaded from LR).  Beautiful
zickzacking indeed.

A few months ago Michael dropped by Adobe to visit with Tom Hogarty and me.  He brought with him his "newest baby," Eyes Over Africa XXL.  He’s not kidding about that suffix:  "It will be the largest coffee table book ever that was purely shot digitally. Almost 50 (!) lbs and definitely huge."  Just for fun, he used his iPhone to call up a satellite image of the same coordinates displayed on one of the pages, then laid the phone on the book.  For further weirdness points, I then snapped a couple of shots of the layout using my iPhone.  (At this point there was a great disturbance in the Force.)

For more Earth from above:

* Coincidentally the elder brother of GoLive founder Andreas Poliza

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  1. I’ve seen this book, in fact it ruined a perfectly good day of shopping for me and my wife in Hamburg.
    I was following her around on Eppendorfer Baum (a shopping street) and into a shop, when what should appear to my wondering eye, but this very large photo book.
    I was immediately lost in the book for about 30 minutes….let’s just say that I am now reunited with my wife, but it was a close call. The only good news for her was that I couldn’t buy their copy to carry along with us… That would’ve been the coffee table book that broke the camel’s back. 🙂

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