Quick Tips: Shuffling presets, flattening Bridge

A couple people have written recently to request features in Photoshop and Bridge, not knowing that what they’re seeking is already there:


  • A digital painter named Gracie Rafferty asked for the ability to reorder brushes.  To do so, choose Edit->Preset Manager, then rock out.  The same goes for gradients, patterns, swatches, etc.  You can delete individual items by Opt/Alt-clicking them, which also works in the Brushes palette.
  • Eric James Wood would like to move from iView to Bridge and asked for a way to see the contents of multiple folders at once.  That’s possible in Bridge CS3, but the UI is quite subtle. Open up the Filter panel in Bridge, then click the little "no folders" icon at the top of it. That’ll instruct Bridge to show you the contents of the current folder & all the folders nested within it.  From there you can select, rate, rename, hand off to Photoshop, etc.–everything you’d do with files that live in the same folder.

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  1. What about this. I know it’s a lofty goal but what about a training mode for Photoshop newbies. PS opens with very limited toolbars/palette options and then as you use it suggests related tools to add to your arsenal. IE, you use the perspective transform a lot, PS then suggests Vanishing point and if you wish, walks you through using it. I would also love it if you could select a ‘pro workspace’ and keep learning mode on so you get the best of both worlds if you’re coming from CS3 or something and already know 75% of the UI

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