Lightroom 2 is here!

I’m delighted to report that the 64-bit native Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.0 is now shipping for Mac and Windows.  LR2 sells for $299 ($99 upgrade), and the 30-day tryout version is available for immediate download.


Tom Hogarty has posted a wealth of info on the Lightroom Journal blog, so I won’t attempt to duplicate everything here.  Instead let me note some highlights:


  • The Develop module now includes a highly useful gradient tool (screenshot), offering power similar to working with real-world graduated filters.
  • Lightroom News offers a detailed list of all the improvements made since the introduction of the LR2 public beta.
  • LR supports external editor presets, enabling easy jumps to/from apps like Noise Ninja and PTLens.  Thus Lightroom handily matches Aperture 2.1’s ballyhooed plug-in support, while offering far superior Photoshop integration plus non-destructive localized image adjustment.
  • Adobe Labs now hosts the new DNG Profile Editor.  This is a big deal.  In brief:
    • It enables the rendering you get in LR (or in Camera Raw) to match what your camera renders as JPEGs–frequently a pleasing starting point for adjustments.  As photographer Ian Lyons writes, with these profiles you can “approximate the in-camera JPEG rendering as well as the various styles and looks provided either in-camera or via the camera vendor’s own software solution.”
    • It offers demanding photographers a new degree of control for finessing the appearance of colors (e.g. skin tones).
    • In other words, we can put a fork in assertions of “Raw converter X looks like what I see on the back of my camera, so it must be more accurate than what Adobe shows” and “I just can’t get look/tone/value X in LR/ACR.”  Expect to hear more soon.
  • Camera Raw 4.5 for Photoshop CS3 (Mac | Win) has been released & offers full support for rendering edits made with LR2 as well as profiles created with the Profile Editor.


Tons of resources are going live now, so I’ll post links to what I’ve seen so far:



I’ll update this list as more links go live.  In the meantime feel free to suggest resources via the comments.

0 thoughts on “Lightroom 2 is here!

  1. > It enables the rendering (…) to match
    > (…) your camera (…) JPEGs
    When I read this I thought you’ld be able to load a DNG, and a camera created JPG (or a TIF created by another Raw converter), and the profile would be created (semi-)automatically by matching areas/colors in the DNG with the same areas in the reference image.
    Then you could even create DNG profiles that match Nikon’s D-Lighting settings, or Fuji’s film emulation modes, etc. It *might* even be possible to extract these ‘effects’ into more generalised camera response profiles, so you *could* possibly apply Fuji’s film emulation to Canon images etc.
    Would be nice for “DNG Profile Editor CS4″…

  2. Adobe should seriously reconsider the pricing in europe – right now, it is just ludicrous.
    Taking the current exchange rate into consideration 99 USD add up to roughly 63 EUR – Adobe seems to charge 99 EUR (which corresponds to 155 USD).
    So effectivly, people in Europe will pay an additional charge of approx. 50% …

  3. Nice to see this coming out Jack.
    I started out with the first one, so in time I will upgrade.
    I like the new enhancements
    However, did you have to have that beautiful car in the screenshots??? I am aware I have an even more issue with envy….
    Ken in KY
    [Heh–no, it belongs to my friend Bryan’s dad. –J.]

  4. Hi Tom,
    Great news indeed. Perhaps you could;
    a: clear up your inaccurate price info at top (you write to an international audience you know) or;
    b: help us to understand why Adobe charges its international customers so much more than its North American customers. Eg, in Australia Adobe thinks it’s proper to charge us not $99 for the upgrade but $179. Our dollar is at about 95cents to the US dollar so exchange rate disparity can’t be the reason used.
    Thanks & hope you can help shed the light!

  5. Here are a few comparisons of the Lightroom upgrade price, all currencies converted to US-Dollar:
    USA $99.00
    Ireland $186.97
    Germany $183.88
    Great Britain: $ 160.58
    Why does the upgrade cost nearly twice as much outside the USA, Adobe? Is it those “complex localizations”? Hardly, see the price for the UK and Ireland.
    While I could easily afford the upgrade, I don’t like to be taken for a ride.
    I live in Ireland and I will not be upgrading. Good-bye Adobe.

  6. I have to agree with Jeffrey Lebowski.
    Here in Norway, it will cost me around 200 USD to buy the upgrade. And local customer service explains this to translations from Adobe in USA.
    However she sais that I can buy it from US instead of Norway, but that’s not possible with the same profile.
    99 USD for the upgrade should be worldwide when you do it online. Anything else is insane.

  7. I think Lightroom is a great product and will probably upgrade. However I agree with the previous comments on European pricing. It is a shame that Adobe do not realise how this “leaves a bad taste in the mouth”

  8. hi John,
    DNG profile editor looks awesome- thanks!
    what about Camera Raw plugin- is there any chance local adjustment brush to be accessible in future ACR UI also, similar to retouch brush or red-eye removal tool as we have now?
    as far as i understand- since photoshop with ACR 4.5 can open lightroom v2 processed- you probably save local adjustments in xmp, so it’s only a matter if ACR plugin could have similar tools to edit this information. which would be a HUGE plus imho.. hopefully you’re considering it. thanks!
    p.s. that european pricing thing.. pleease, at least for CS4- solve that issue and don’t be as greedy. CS3 was already non fairly priced here 🙁

  9. I have to agree with every previous comments. I really don’t understand why the price of the upgrade is so expansive compare to the US price.
    This morning, when I learn’t the official release of LR 2, I immediately jump on the adobe website and prepare my credit card… when I discovered the price, I immediately stopped to buy the upgrade, actually, I’m not sure that I’ll buy it.
    For the moment, I decided to stay with LR1.

  10. I’m another customer who is not happy with the European prices. Adobe, please reconsider!
    Let us at least buy the English version for a good price. I don’t want to pay for a localized version I’m not using anyway.

  11. first of all: thanks john for running this blog, i like it a lot. i’m trying to use the local adjustments tools, they could be such a time and stress-saver. but i’m afraid they’re way to slow here. i’m running lr2 on a macbook pro c2d with 2gb of ram in 64bit mode. what’s the bottleneck? ram? because after some edits it gets reallly slow, i’d have to wait for 10+ seconds to set a slider and wait for the feedback. the fan goes crazy as well…but it’s unusually hot today anyway 🙂

  12. Yes, please give us an explanation for your international pricing policy, John.
    [I’ll try to get a response from the folks who make pricing decisions. Not to wave my hands and say, “I was only following orders,” but this isn’t an area in which I have much, if any, influence. –J.]
    We all understand that you can’t do anything about VAT but I see no reason for a 50%+ markup before taxes for a simple download.

  13. Most of the US boards are also buzzing with discount codes that take around 15% off. For example NAPP members can save 15% of the $99. But only in the US – if you shell out the extra for “international” membership then, no sorry, it’s double the price and no discount.
    The other slightly scary thing is Adobe’s new “environmental” policy. Downloading an electronic copy costs MORE than having Adobe burn a disk (maybe in the Far East), wrap it in cardboard, package it and ship it to my door using $9 a gallon diesel. I’m surprised the EU haven’t made that illegal yet….

  14. I have bought LR2 at the inflated price charged to British customers.
    This is the last time I shall ever buy Adobe software until there is pricing parity with Stateside customers!
    I do not think for a minute this is a matter to make with the development team and engineers, but very much so at the extorting bean counters who run Adobe et al.
    Great blog, John, thanks for your comments and videos!

  15. Nice Beamer, John! How do I get a job as a Photoshop Product Manager! 😉
    [Actually the job you want is “father of Photoshop Product Manager”–and not my father, either. –J.]
    Great joob on releasing a winning product. I can almost hear the popping of the Adobe Champagne corks all the way here in New York. Oh wait, those are the corks of all the photographers whose lives just got a little easier.
    [ 🙂 –J.]

  16. ha, so they say that 50% of the retail cost is retailing materials? that is tragic and not the case. The price is quite often much higher in australia. It is called profit margin. The only extra cost here in Australia should be GST. The various taxes in the USA are added at the point of sale as they are different in each state.

  17. I echo the many comments regarding price disparity.
    I’m a would be Austalian customer, but I refuse to be taken financially by the price disparity.
    I’d quite happily download from the US Adobe site for $99USD less 15% discount code, but I see your US site is set up in such a way that credit card details for an Aussie won’t go through.
    Its about time Adobe woke up to the global web economy, we ain’t stupid out here, we know when pricing doesn’t stack up.
    Pass this on to the CFO.
    Oh and tell him we don’t want to make his analyst reports look good by allowing Adobe to abuse the exchange rate improvements at our end.

  18. +1 for me for putting my credict card back in my pocket when I calculated that Adobe expects me to pay a 40% premium above foreign currency conversion and local GST just for the pleasure of living in Australia.
    More ranting from me here;
    Adobe makes a great product in Lightroom, but Adobe also need customers and can I suggest that really annoying your customers is not good for your product.
    I’m waiting to hear back from LR product management to get either a really good story or see the pricing change before I upgrade.

  19. Adding to the obvious outrage expressed here, regarding the pricing disparity, it gets even worse. I actually agreed to pay the requested online price via Adobe’s Web store ($165AU). Adobe’s store refused to accept any of my 3 AUS credit cards, despite the fact that they are all valid (I even called the banks to check what was going on). To make matters worse, Adobe *DID* accept them, because it charged all these cards a $1 fee “for using the store”, then decided I was an unworthy customer. I called the “Australian” support number and was put through to the Philipines. They spent 40 mins on the phone and were unable to take a phone order or to explain why the online store rejected me. They suggested I call an Australian retail shop front insead. So, if anyone from Adobe actually bothers to listen to their customers and reads these blogs, expect some heat from my banks and probably from the consumer watchdog organisations here in Aus. It’s intolerable that Adobe not only try to rip us off, but then can’t even set up a Web store that works.

  20. It’s a great product, I am currently using the demo version that it will soon expire.
    But I won’t buy LR this time, I live in Italy and the price here is just too high.
    I’ve also tried to buy from and pay in dollars but with no luck.
    I think there is no reason to change the price according to the place you live in, the product is one and should cost the same in all the world.
    Sorry to say that.

  21. Like so many others I jumped onto the Adobe site to upgrade to LR2, only to see that it costs 40% more that the US version. (I’m in the UK and speak english – the same basic language as the US).
    It’s a good blog John – but you need to focus on the comments posted here, the product’s all well and good, but we would all like to see a response from you concerning some sort of justification for the huge price differential between the US & Europe.
    You might want to keep an eye on Bibble 5, which is out soon – probably for considerably less …

  22. I love Adobe Lightroom. I’ve used Lightroom 1.x for a long time.
    I’ve been thrilled with the functions and features put in to Lightroom 2.
    Then I saw the prices. Come on Adobe, you have GOT to be kidding. Double the price to buy it in Ireland, as opposed to the US price, for the EXACT same product?
    Until there is a price correction, or I visit the US and buy there, I will NOT be buying Lightroom 2.

  23. I was very much looking forward to upgrading to LR2. I read all the beta-reviews I could get my hands on. I quickly decided that I want the additional functions in the upgrade. However, instead of trying out the beta myself, I decided to go straight from 1.4.1 to LR2’s release version.
    Well, that was before the US/European price differential hit me in the face. Sure, a little premium I’d accept but USD 186.88 (EUR 119.79) for the electronic download of the upgrade-version is ridiculous. What irks me even more is that Adobe (quite surely seeing itself as a global company and taking advantage of that concept) denies me that same advantage by (a) simply not accepting my online-order in the US-Store and also, for example, (b) barring from delivering the physical item outside the US. Also, I’d be interested to know why having the boxed product shipped to me ist actually 1.98 EUR *cheaper* than downloading …
    Now I’ll have to carefully evaluate whether the added functionality outweighs my anger.

  24. I was also one of those sitting there with credit card in hand, until I saw the UK price. I’ll either pick up a retail upgrade box in the US (or ask someone to get one for me), move over to Aperture, or stick with LR1. If the upgrade price was reasonable, I wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but Adobe have made me consider my loyalty.
    Once again, it seems the Americans are treating the UK as second class people.

  25. Hi, I have put my credit card back in pocket when realised, that adobe is charging me 90% more for downloading an upgrade, (I live in the Czech Republic, EU). Having some economic background, I understand the additional costs of taxes, distribution, support, translations, etc. BUT NOT AT THIS RATE. Sorry Adobe, you are not getting my € this time. I love lightroom from the first beta, bought the version 1 … eager to buy the upgrade … but I will wait till Adobe becomes reasonable and changes its international pricing policy!.

  26. Agree with everyone on the ridiciluos pricing scheme. Why is it so much more expensive to buy for us non-US users?
    I’m not buying until this is sorted out. Or nature finds a way…

  27. I used LR 1 and was fairly happy with it and would consider upgrading to LR2 if it were not for the ridiculous price in the UK. Instead I am considering Aperture as an alternative.

  28. Adding my two penn’orth to the compaints about Adobe’s offensive pricing structure (UK, again; upgrade in my case). [Sorry Adobe, I suppose that should be at least three penn’orth.]
    I’ll be interested to see whether I get any reply to my email to Adobe, asking why.

  29. +1
    And me about the pricing for the UK compared to the USA.
    Anyone from Adobe want to comment on why there is such a big difference in pricing?
    Looks like a great product but I’ll not be purchasing until the pricing is more consistant.

  30. No way I’m going to pay double the U.S. price just for living in Finland. It’s the same *** downloadable file than in the U.S. but somehow the price goes up 100%.

  31. Great blog John,
    Living in Ireland, I’m getting peed off at people taking us for a ride. I’d love to upgrade to LR2, but will be staying with 1.4 until the pricing disparity is resolved.
    There is no call for the international price descripencies except for pure greed. As for it being cheaper to send a CD. Now who’s taking the p*ss !!

  32. I live in Ireland and to be honest, we’re ripped off for everything over here. Prices are double what they should be, and even simple things like water are rip offs. Adobe are adding insult to injury with this and it’s just ridiculous now.

  33. Another here with a large question mark over his head as regards the pricing structure.
    The situation is even more bleak for people considering a first time purchase.
    Ireland LR2 = $469
    America LR2 = $299
    I’d understand if Adobe had to spend time translating their product to Gaelige but it’s the same US English version we download here!

  34. Another vote from Sweden for Adobe to reconsider the pricing. And I think it’s insane that Adobe forces US dealers to not ship orders from europe with their products.

  35. The price difference is a shame. Another example:
    In the USA the price for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium English version is 1799 US Dollar
    In Europe is the price for Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium in the same English version cost 2000 Euro (attention thats ex. VAT)
    2000 euro = 3118 USD
    Yes, Adobe programs are fine, but Adobe has a monopoly and I’m frightened for the future.

  36. Another Adobe pricing rip off with Ligtroom V2.
    US download 99$
    UK £83.49
    USD to GPB is 1.99.
    Adobe use an EU country operating 21% VAT, and yet the software product is downloaded via Manchester, England.
    Adobe rely on large sales outside the US and yet treat customers in a shoddy, underhand, manner with regard to their pricing policies.
    Open up your US servers – it’s long overdue.

  37. While the software looks great – why the huge discrepancy in price between the US and Europe ?

  38. As so many posts above I have to a) congratulate you on excellent version and b) express my disgust at your international pricing.
    So much for USA Australia free trade agreement. Price differential for boxed set is understandable, but a download option should be the same world wide. You have alienated a lot of your customers.

  39. Raises hand as another customer who put their CC back in their pocket when the pricing differences became obvious. Please sort out!!!

  40. What a brilliant looking product. Something I’ve been wanting for so long.
    The price just gets me though. I can’t justify paying that price when it is so much less for those who happen to live in the US.
    US Upgrade price – $99 (€63)
    Irish upgrade price – $187 (€118)
    Come on Adobe – it’s the EXACT same product.
    Bring the prices to the same and you will have a killer product and a justified price. You will sell so much more.

  41. I am in the UK, I bought CS from the USA, when I tried to upgrade to CS2 via the Adobe phone line, I was asked for the serial number and I was then told I couldn’t buy the upgrade unless I bought an English version of CS. International, I don’t think so!

  42. I was planning to buy Lightroom 2 after trialing LR1 and playing with the Beta right up until I discovered that it’s ~US$460 to buy it in Australia and US$299 to buy it in the US.
    I’ve emailed customer service in Australia to ask why they think we should pay through the nose for a digital download that happens to come from Aussie servers.

  43. Yet another voice to add to the disappointment with Adobes pricing policy. I am in Australia and was all set to upgrade, however I will wait until (if) Adobe sees sense on this issue.

  44. John, I really like Lightroom and appreciate your blog. However, I have to second the comments about the international pricing. I’m a happy user of Lightroom 1 and was ready to buy the upgrade as soon as it gets released. However, with the price before taxes being 55% higher in Germany, I currently cannot justify the purchase. Especially not for a download version.

  45. Me too, I was about to buy the download version for $299 ($321 AU) but then I was redirected to the Australian shop where I was to be charged $489 AU. A 35% markup for the same download off the same servers!! I put my visa away.
    I’m also reading here that I will be unable to upgrade my UK version of Photoshop CS2 now I have emmigrated to Australia. I actually checked this by calling adobe before we left the UK. The guy on the phone said I could just download the upgrade and use my UK serial. Was he wrong??
    Adobe need to start looking after it’s customers and potential customers better. They seem worse than MS!!
    Not happy.

  46. Disgraceful rip-off pricing. Open up your US servers for downloads to all users and matters will be fairer – in my case even if the dollar/GPB rate was reversed. At least one fee in dollars, for downloads, will be more transparent.
    Since the CS3 rip-off, Adobe’s reputation has not improved with regard to its astonishingly shoddy pricing policies.

  47. Add another one to complaining about overseas pricing of all Adobe products – another potential Australian purchaser. LR, great product, I wont buy it for a 70% price increase (US$299, AUS$532). CS3 another great product but I wont buy it (US$649, AUS$1155)
    Is anyone at Adobe listening? Hello? Hello? For every person who complains on this blog (or Adobe forums or DP Review or whatever) there are another 1000 who are thinking the same thing and ripping it via Bit Torrent.

  48. I’m another Australian who pulled his credit card out to buy the LR2 upgrade, but put it away again when I saw the Australian price.
    It’s not so much the $ amount that’s the problem; more the feeling of insult from discriminatory pricing (as the ACCC, an Australian consumer watchdog) call it, even though they say they can’t currently do anything about it.
    I’ve written to the Trade Minister and Consumer Affairs minister about this. The more who do this, the more wait this will carry. The Trade Minister’s email address is on this page:
    Other parliamentarians can be found easily from that link. Perhaps newspapers should also be informed.

  49. John, Great blog and I realise this isn’t your department but I’ve been with Photoshop since v3 and LR since the launch and my loyalty is being sorely tested.
    The downloaded upgrade should be $99 period (+ local tax) it shouldn’t matter where I live – this is the 21st century!

  50. I won’t bore everybody with the figures – those who want to can just try visiting their respective Adobe sites and check the corresponding rip-offs concerning ALL PRODUCTS, against the US site – I’ll just say that I’ve been grilling Adobe over this for some 5 years now and they’ve not bothered to do anything about it. I’ve told them time and again that their stupidity foments illegal downloading of their products to such an extent that I bet if Photoshop cost just a hundred dollars and everybody in the world who uses it had paid for it they’d be making more of a profit.
    Only conclusion: they’re great software artists but complete idiots when it comes to selling the stuff.

  51. Thanks for the great blog. I’d love to start using Lightroom 2 but won’t be buying it until the price is more attractive for Aussie buyers.

  52. Another case of Adobe pushing it’s luck, this time the rest of the world is starting to wake up. $99.00 for all, no US protectionism.
    Join NAPP and get discounts, another joke if you live outside the US.

  53. Just to add my voice to the torrent… I agree with everyone here. In New Zealand we have just the same problem – Adobe appears to have some kind of contempt for those outside the US.
    John thanks for giving us a place to vent, but can you assure us that Adobe will read all this and respond? Please let us know where will we read about it.
    Thanks for your blog.
    [I’m afraid I don’t know what kind of response is planned. I *do* want to share useful info (instead of putting my head in the sand), but I also don’t want to speak inaccurately on a subject that’s outside my purview. I’ll inquire and will share info as I get it. Sorry that I can’t offer anything more concrete right now. –J.]

  54. Wow, such incredible contempt for Adobe. Well, I can tell you guys their office in Silicone Valley looks really nice. I wonder how much of that is paid for by overseas customers?

  55. John,
    Rather than putting your head in the sand I admire you for putting it above the parapet and fielding this anger at what we see as gross unfairness. I’ve bought it despite my annoyance and I love it but, as others have said, the software team is let down by a rotten marketing policy. Thanks again for your openness in your blog.

  56. Does anybody actually know whether I can buy an upgrade through friends in the US and install it on my PC with a European Lightroom 1?
    German customer support were only able to tell me that an upgrade between Universal and International English versions is not guaranteed to work and I will loose the 14 days give-back warranty and the tech and customer support, none of which I care for.
    They did not answer the question if the upgrade is technically possible (will the old LR 1.0 EU serial number be accepted for the upgrade) and if it is legal from licensing point of view. It seemed rather that they avoided to answer both questions. Anybody has any experience?

  57. On another note: does Adobe have any plans to package Lightroom with Photoshop in CS4 (or later versions)?
    [No, no plans like that have been announced. –J.]

  58. Does LR scale better with image processing (export, etc) with more cores than Photoshop/Bridge in general?
    Enjoyed reading your blogs btw.
    Also, Adobe should sell a package of CS4 with LR – it would sell a lot more! Remember ImageReady? 🙂

  59. Just got a second answer from Adobe Germany, telling me that Adobe products are platform and language dependent (Universal English is probably the one spoken in the US, whereas apparently International English is what everybody else should be using) and therefore a cross upgrade is not possible. Again the answer did not address the question of legality as I had explicitly asked.
    I doubt there is any difference in the versions, besides probably a serial number check.
    Anybody tried a cross-version update?

  60. John, I also appreciate your putting your head above the parapet here. LR 2 is a great product, but Adobe’s International pricing policy sucks. Here’s my post in the U2U forums:
    I too want to add my voice to the list of people objecting to the pricing that Adobe has set for non-US downloads of the upgrade to Lightroom v2.0
    I was a long time user of RawShooter too and still am disappointed that Adobe shutdown development of that software. I also used to use a product called CoolEdit that disappeared too, to be replaced by a bloated, higher priced replacement. Guess who bought it? Yup, Adobe.
    Anyway, I would have paid for an upgrade immediately if I paid the same pricing as those special “the world loves me” citizens of the United States of America, but when I saw that I was redirected to a supposedly Australian site and would have to pay an inflated price, I declined to.
    So, Adobe, you’ve lost another sale. Well done. Hope you’re happy.

  61. You can spare yourself a lot of anger at the world if you just learn some economics. I don’t mean just Adobe pricing policies, but also globalization, tariffs, and all sorts of other issues that make people livid with rage.
    Prices are not comparable across markets, even when the inputs are exactly the same. Prices are higher in Europe for almost everything, and software is no exception. If you want to use the software, you’re free to do re-imports (the so-called “gray market” — people used to do it for Nikon cameras back when the US dollar was strong and the Japanese yen was weak — this disappeared once the US dollar became weak).
    If you don’t want to, then yes, Adobe would rather take a higher payment from other people, than lose all that money just so it can make a sale to you. And presumably you’re also happier not using Lightroom than parting with the money. That’s how a free market works.

  62. @Tom:
    Thank you for your basic lession in economics. Do you live in the U.S.? Have you upgraded? Would you do so, if you would live in Europe or Australia?
    When I read the newspapers, there are headlines about globalization every day – workers laid off in Europe, hired in China instead. That’s the world today. But if there is a global, free market for working labour, let’s make it a free, global market, for the products, too. And I can do more than just complain. Right now, I’m formulating letters to my political representees, using Adobe as an example for unfair trade. They should enforce not only copyright laws, but protect the customers, also.

  63. All of Adobe’s international customers need to understand basic economics. First of all prices are not the same on products throughout the world regardless of exchange rates. Visitors to the Caribbean will find better prices on camera gear than in the US. Why? A Nikon D3 is a Nikon D3. Gasoline is the equivalent to $12(US) in parts of the world. Why? Gas is gas. Perhaps with all the complex tax laws (especially here in the US) Adobe just has to charge more outside the US to stay in business. Also one should consider the added cost of customer support outside the US.
    Here in the US Adobe’s pricing structure looks no more unfair than the oil exporting countries selling $20 a barrel oil for $140 a barrel. They charge that much because they can. Next time you want to question how much Lightroom is ask yourself why it cost less than $10 to fill up a car in the Middle East.

  64. Thanks again, John, for acting as a gracious host as we vent our frustration. It is galling to be asked to pay more for what appears to be exactly the same product just because we live outside the US. Like many who have posted here, I would have purchased LR 2 already if not for this disparity – I’m looking forward to an announcement from Adobe that these pricing inconsistencies will stop.

  65. I tried the LR 2 demo using some of my photos that had had taken a lot of hard work to get them looking good. After tweeking the the camera specific profiles I reached to conclusion that LR2 would give better results in minutes than I had from hours of careful manual adjustmets. I was impressed! Then like numerous other posters I discovered just how much Adobe hates non-US citizens. I’m sorry Adobe, the best wake up call I can send to your “totally out of touch with the customer” marketing department is no sale.

  66. When you have a download from the same location you have little justification for price gouging. Boxed version with shipping cost, translated versions you have more valid reasons for charging a higher price. We order from L.L. Bean and Lands End from Europe without paying a premium. Product is good. No reason to penalize your non-US based customers.

  67. +1 for me. Not parting with my money anymore for just because I live outside the US.
    Set the price in dollars and let us take the exchange rate that our banks give.

  68. Shame on you Adobe I say, this disparity in pricing (50% + on US price for lightroom here in Australia) is just plainly disrespectful to your user base! You put great effort into engaging with your users on so many useful and postitive levels, yet you are undermining that very effort with your greedy (non North American) pricing. Pull your socks up, slap your face and let us all hope to hell you don’t turn into another Microsoft – we’re watching you and we’re not stupid!

  69. Add me as another satisfied user of 1.x who will not upgrade to 2 until the price issue is resolved.
    Also in the UK we pay 17.5% VAT not the 21% that is setup on the Order page.

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