Sunday Photos: White Russians, the Moon, & more

  • Alex Prager mixes mid-century looks with some weird modern twists in her work. On Kitsune Noir Bobby Solomon points out similarities with Philippe Halsman’s wild Dali Atomicus.
  • Make mine a White Russian: I love this shot of a Belarusian commando shrouded in smoke.
  • Hello, moon: Laurent Laveder uses forced perspective to capture some beautiful Moon Adventures. [Via]
  • Take a good look at my crazy, genocidal face: the Faces of Evil collection invites viewers to stare down some of the most infamous figures of the 20th century.  "The pictures are 1,80m x 2,30m, high-resolution digital images that expose every tiny detail of their faces." [Via]
  • Ten years after I remember sticking her into a comp, the "Everywhere Girl" (stock photo superstar) has a blog.
  • Tangential: I think this is way better than any iPhone.

0 thoughts on “Sunday Photos: White Russians, the Moon, & more

  1. With your last comment, you’re showing your loyalty to your alma mater in a very subtle (or even subconsciously) way.
    [Hah! I’ll admit I didn’t even notice the locale listing. FWIW, Photoshop was born at the U of M when Thomas Knoll was procrastinating on his thesis, and I believe Mark Hamburg is from Michigan as well. –J.]

  2. So when will Adobe be releasing a version of flash for the red cup phone?
    [What kind of GPU does that thing have? –J.]

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