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As noted recently, one of my longest-held wishes has been for Flash (the authoring tool) to play better with other apps, enabling much richer exchange of documents.  Now, thanks to the new XFL format introduced in CS4, we’re seeing that vision become more real.  In a new segment on Adobe TV, Flash evangelist Paul Burnett demonstrates how InDesign works with Flash. 

In a nutshell, you can choose to export your pages as either SWF (ready to go right into a Web page with animation, no tweaking required) or XFL (ready to go into the Flash authoring environment with content intact*).  The beauty is that InDesign can offer rich direct-to-Web publishing without trying to replicate every conceivable authoring option. (Oh, and members of the InDesign team helped build the rich new text support in Flash Player 10, enabling higher fidelity hand-off between the apps.) [Via]


Next up, look for demos of After Effects leveraging XFL export to bring projects to Flash.


* One subtle detail is that Flash Player 10 now supports basic color management–more than a little important when you’re working across media and want to keep your images looking good.  I plan to share more details about this support soon.

0 thoughts on “InDesign + Flash goodness

  1. This sounds great. Just last version (CS3) the Adobe Marketing guys didn’t even believe InDesign and Flash could ever work together (I had to buy the Master Collection because Fl and ID were in different “suites”).
    Now it will be at least a little easier to turn slicks or brochures into little movies.

  2. >Flash Player 10 now supports basic color management>
    THAT was quick!
    Thank you so much for getting that done.

  3. This ID to Flash capability is worth the upgrade (as is Flash rendering within PDF too).
    Curious about something though: Why is it that Adobe isn’t delivering “Adobe TV in a box”? It’s a beautiful site, is laid out very well, and I’d love it if there was a way to deploy “” like Adobe has with Adobe TV.

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