Solid Photoshop & Lightroom resources

Recently I’ve happened across a few resources that may be of interest:





  • To create The Full Montage, author Steve Caplin "has spent the last two years photographing, processing and preparing images" that work really well in image composites.  The readymade set, using Smart Objects & warps to enable mapping objects onto surfaces, looks particularly interesting.  Royalty-free pieces are for sale on the site.
  • LiveSurface offers a large library of images ready for use with Photoshop’s Vanishing Point filter.  Files "are pre-masked, layered and have embedded 3D surfaces."



4 thoughts on “Solid Photoshop & Lightroom resources

  1. Can the LR team work on the below suggestions so we can use it at photo shoots:?
    -A plug-in for a Leaf AFI to tether camera directly into LR. This will eliminate latency when viewing shots on set.
    -A moiré filter (like Leaf’s software). Moiré is sometimes caused by Leaf back.
    -Holding crop information in metadata so can process with and without.

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