Post-election bits

I’m finding it hard to get back into the blogging game after such a* historic election.  Doesn’t blogging about megapixels and keyboard shortcuts just seem kind of… trite?


In an effort to spool back up, here are some interesting visual bits I’ve encountered:


  • Oh yeah!: "The Final Endgame Go Time Alpha Action Lift-off Decide-icidal Hungry Man’s Extreme Raw Power Ultimate Voteslam Smackdown ’08 No Mercy: Judgement Day ’08.That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  Peep The Daily Show’s ode to/mockery of over-the-top motion graphics.
  • Jason Kottke has aggregated a huge list of election maps from around the world, from whiteboards to the Onion.  I love the way various maps, including the one on the NY Times site, let you zoom into states to see a county-by-county patchwork of voting.  Also check out the way the NYT map features "county bubbles" and a voting trend comparison slider.
  • Mark Newman’s maps offer insight into voting patterns by geography and population. [Via]
  • The Guardian features a gallery of newspaper front pages from around the world. [Via]
  • In The Living Room Candidate, the Museum of the Moving Image features TV ads from US presidential races, 1952-2008.
  • Typography:
    • Channeling campaign fatigue into type, This [Farging] Election aggregates many of the year’s memorable phrases into a single column.
    • Obama + dingbats = ObamaBats, courtesy of Jeff Domke. [Via]


* Not "an".  Hah; I knew it.  We’re not Cockney, for crying out loud.

6 thoughts on “Post-election bits

  1. Cor blimey, Guv’, I ‘ate’s ta correct ya but the prefixing of an before words beginning with h is neither right or wrong but is certainly not Cockerny, it’s the finest Queen’s English, sir!
    Struth, Mary Poppins.

  2. JN: “Doesn’t blogging about megapixels and keyboard shortcuts just seem kind of… trite?”
    You’re tired of working for Adobe, then? Maybe there’s a seat in San Jose’s district to run for.
    I liked that survey of maps. Plus Adobe should supply the Daily and Colbert shows with free stuff since they always highlight it.
    [I’ve sent Jon a copy of Photoshop each of the last three cycles. Turns out he’s a Mac user. –J.]

  3. …”kind of trite”.
    In fact, just the opposite. I get so weary of folks asking what a president can do to ‘fix the economy’. Nonsense, you & I and everyone else who works for a living have far more effect on an economy that a politician (I’m sure you’ve heard that word comes from the Latin “poli” meaning many and the English “tic” meaning blood sucking parasite)… In any event, the work you do (and for that matter this applies to those of us who CREATE and/or Manage those that do) MATTERS. It matters a great deal… and a great deal more than those who wish to govern… I know this seems a bit contrarian, but give it some thought… without government… Life would go on… without those who work & create products & services of value… then life as we know it ceases. Politicians feed off of us, not the other way around.

  4. It’s obvious you’re not a Cockney otherwise you’d discuss Adobe’s xenophobic anti-Cockney pricing policy! 😉
    From an[sic] real Cockney, thank you very much!

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