Details on Camera Raw 5.2 enhancements

Photographer & author Shangara Singh points out some helpful links to Adobe documentation on the new features in Camera Raw 5.2:



Side note: I love that it’s now possible to add one’s own notes to help entries. The Targeted Adjustment Tool entry refers repeatedly to the “TAT Tool,” which is as annoying as saying “SAT test” or “PIN number.” I’ve added a comment correcting the terminology. Pedants rejoice. 😉

18 thoughts on “Details on Camera Raw 5.2 enhancements

  1. Hello Jack,
    I want to thank you for the link to the “tutorial” to re create the “toy look”.
    I did my blog this week about some homes I created with the help of photoshop CS4 goodness.
    I found a quicker way in this new edition than what was in the tutorial. If any of your readers want to know they can email me from my blog.
    I used the map app that Microsoft called Live.
    Thanks for the help
    Ken in KY

  2. Stupid question: do different versions of Camera Raw use different camera profiles (for the same camera)? The link posted here suggests so but what is a way of knowing which version of Camera Raw uses which version of the camera profile for a given camera?

  3. I am new to adobe and have a very easy but difficult problem to solve. I just finished doing the 30 day free trial for adobe 7.
    when I plug my digital camera into my windows I get all my pictures together. HOW do I put them in different files. Right now I have freece pictures running into my grandsons wedding . HELP ME

  4. I updated camera raw to 5.2.
    When I open raw files in the browser they do not show up as thumbnails photos. They show up as icons. How do I change this so I can see the photo images?

  5. Camera Raw 5.2 was an important update for me, as I have been shooting with a Pansonic LX3. Before 5.2 was released, I used a shareware RAW converter on the LX3 files so that I could see what they looked like. Imagine my surprise to discover that the camera actually records substantially more pixels than appear in the embedded jpeg, and it turns out, files converted in Camera Raw.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like it that Camera Raw corrects the barrel distortion and CA in the LX3 images. The only thing I don’t like is that Camera Raw also crops off a whole bunch of pixels so as to match what Panasonic does in-camera with the jpegs. I would like to have the option of a corrected but uncropped image from Camera Raw, so that I can decide exactly how to crop the image (and recover a few extra pixels in the process). So how about it — could this option be added to Camera Raw 5.3? After all, Camera Raw *is* my favourite RAW converter, and I’d like to be able to use it for every one of my images.

  6. Why does a test of a RAW and JPEG image from a Canon 5D mark ll camera open in Aperture ll but, with export presets of 16 bit TIFF to Photoshop CS4 (on trial), I only get 8 bit half size images ie 60 MB and not 120 MB. My CS3 is opening the JPEG as a 120 MB 16 bit TIFF with my old Aperture.

  7. I have photoshop 7, is there a way of installing a converter for raw? i have tried the adobe site but nothing has worked.
    [Sorry, no. Adobe used to sell a very early version of Camera Raw (1.0) for PS7, but that was discontinued when Photoshop CS shipped. Even if I could give you the old plug-in, I don’t believe it supported DNG (as it predated that spec), so there’d be no way to add support for more than the handful of cameras that were supported six years ago. In other words, it would be well worth your while to upgrade to CS4 (or Lightroom). –J.]

  8. what is the latest raw image plug in for Photoshop CS 2 and CS 3. Is there a link for this. Also, I purchased the Canon EOS 5d Mark 11. Can I use the older versions of CS or do I have to upgrade to CS 4.

  9. Several people are having trouble opening Raw images in CS4. I do find the various User comments helpful given my lack of technical expertise.
    I use XP Pro and upgraded from CS3 to CS4. My camera is a Canon 5D Mark ll.
    I have downloaded update for Camera Raw 5.3 but neither Photoshop or Bridge will open a raw image.
    Images load into Bridge. JPEG images show in the thumbnail but in the case of camera raw images, only an icon (CR2) appears.
    I get a message ‘could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document.’
    I am not sure that the camera raw plug-in has even been installed as it does not show in my list of installed programs! I used your CD to install CS4.
    This seems to create problems for those who are new or non-techies. Please provide layman procedures I may follow to turn on Raw.

  10. Jack:
    I too, like DonMills20, just acquired a new camera. An Olympus E-620 shooting Raw with ORF file extension. CS4/Bridge will not recognize the file type. Typically when I download images from my camera using Bridge I immediately convert them to DNG. That failed too.
    I have applied all the Adobe Updates and have Camera RAW version Is there another patch I need to apply?

  11. There are many valuable questions here but very few answers.
    I have the same problem as Bill posted on Dec 21 2008. Could someone please answer the question.
    Thank you

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