Recent scientific imaging goodness

  • Big worlds:
    • Miloslav Druckmuller combined 55 shots to create this striking eclipse image. Reader Vojtech Tryhuk passed along the links and says, “[He] is using a set of software specially developed for processing of Sun eclipse photographs, all written by himself and his colleagues.”
    • The Big Picture is running a Hubble Advent calendar, adding an eye-popping new image from the space telescope each day.
    • The International Space Station is turning 10 this month, and TBP rounds up a great sampling of images. If you’re low on time, just see this shot.

2 thoughts on “Recent scientific imaging goodness

  1. Not related to your post but I just want to say that the arbitrary canvas rotation in Photoshop CS4 is a killer feature my friend and made the upgrade worth it within the first five minutes of using it. Not that everything’s hunky-dory in CS4. It is disturbing to see that Acrobat requires more HD space then Photoshop. Somebody better get the Acrobat team on an optimization regime ASAP.

  2. Jack,
    Off topic, but I cannot get a strait answer from sales team at adobe, that is, what is the best “set up” 32 bit Windows based machine to maximize Photoshop cs4. I keep getting people from “India” and all I get is the company line that is listed in your mim req.
    I say one of your post about graphic cards. I am in the process of getting a new laptop and want to get a over the top machine to hummmmmm photoshop.
    Can you point me to some one.
    Ken in KY

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