3 thoughts on “After Effects tutorial site AETUTS launches

  1. John:
    I have a serious issue regarding Photoshop CS4. I recently contacted Customer Service to have them supply me with a new serial number so I could cross plateform to the Mac version of Photoshop.
    Seems like a pretty simple request but it’s turned into a nightmare. CS asked me for my current Windows serial number which I supplied and then they asked me for my CS3 Serial number which I also supplied, then they asked me for my CS2 serial number which I no longer have. They said they could not supply me with a conversion without it! I’m sure I had one at some point in time but I’m not able to find it any longer. I’m not a thief and don’t intend to sell CS2 to anyone. I don’t even have copy any longer. What gives here? Had I been told I needed to keep records on all my Photoshop verions I might have done so but no suggested a need to do that. Now I have a useless copy of CS4 that I can use on my Mac. Please Help! This really doesn’t seem fair.
    Thank you!
    Henry Bishop

  2. The tutorials those folks are doing are really excellent. There seems to be more free materials like that appearing every day.
    Does anybody think this will spell the end of colleges and schools long term? The end of books? Printed books only? I would love to hear everybody’s opinion.
    gary poyssick in saint petersburg, florida usa 🙂

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