"Use Old Shortcuts" plug-in now Universal

In October I documented the keyboard shortcuts that have changed in Photoshop CS4.  I also posted a ZIP file containing a plug-in (Mac)/registry entries (Windows) that remap the channel keys to CS3 behaviors.  Unfortunately the plug-in was Intel-only, so PowerPC-based users were out of luck.  We’ve now updated the archive to contain universal (Intel & PPC) code.  Sorry about the snag.  (There’s no need to re-download unless you’re using a PPC-based Mac and want the old shortcut behaviors.)

11 thoughts on “"Use Old Shortcuts" plug-in now Universal

  1. Jack,
    Thanks for the help with this shortcut.
    You guys at Adobe are just great to your customers, or I should say I am….
    Merry Christmas
    Ken in KY

  2. Hi John,
    I’m happy that this issue has been resolved.
    I checked your original blog entry on this topic and the link to the shortcut still points to the version of the version that doesn’t work. Hope this will be corrected as it is a potential source of problems…
    Thanks ! — Eric

  3. Hi John.
    Maybe this is a bug or a feature. I’m having trouble with window zooming. In older version of Photoshop if I selected in Preferences:General “Zoom Resizes Windows” I could spacebar command plus or minus to zoom in and out without changing the size of a window. To change the window size I needed to command + or command -. This was handy when I did not want to resize a window.
    Also in older version of Photoshop if I select the zoom tool option bar “Resize Windows To FIt” this changed it to always resize no matter what shortcut I used. I liked the way the older version handled this. In CS4 if I select the zoom tool option bar “Resize Windows To FIt” on or off this actually changes what I have set in the General Preferences. So there is no way to leave the General Preference on but bypass it in CS4 other than application wide on or off.
    I am learning all the new keyboard shortcuts and would prefer to continue using them. Although this zoom problem my have me use the “Use Old Shortcuts” Can you ask your team to look into this to see if it’s a bug or a feature?
    Thank you.

  4. Question please: for the “UseOldShortcuts” plug in, which Plug-In Folder does it go into?
    [You can drop it right into the base of the Plug-ins folder. –J.]

  5. Need a correction to the CS3 printer files. We cannot use our HP Z3100 with CS3. We ae going to have to back to CS2!

  6. Hello, do someone know if there is a shortcut to “trim” the window around a graphic? Let say I making the picture I working on smaller (zooming out) then i have a lots of grey empty space around it which sometimes is good when you’re working with paths to manage the handles but sometimes you want the window to be snug around the graphic. I can do this by clicking the resize button in the window handle bar (green glass button to the far right on a Mac) but then I have to use the mouse. I often work with 2 windows side by side so the option “Resize Windows To FIt” is not usable (for me) because zooming in means that the image takes over the whole screen.
    So, is there a shortcut to “snug it up”?

  7. well this helps, partially…
    why though change the channel view keys when doing an adjustment mask?
    it is still option+ instead of the old, command
    why change keys that people have used for years?
    [Please see previous explanation. –J.]

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