Christmas Eve

Recent scene from the Nack family couch:
Margot: “So, do you post every day?”
J: “Yeah, pretty much.”
M: “Will you not post on Christmas?”
J: “Okay.”
M: (hopeful) “Aaaand… maybe not Christmas Eve?”
J: “Hey, let’s not get crazy…”
I’m planning to take a couple of days off from the ol’ blog, giving the eyeballs & RSS feeds a needed rest. Before doing so, I wanted to say thanks for reading, and to wish you and yours a most joyous Christmahanukwanzaa season. 🙂
All the best, and stay frosty,
J. (intermittently partying with M. & the boy, and wikicheting the paper way)

9 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. John,
    Doing my customary midnight Christmas Eve late night printing and framing…
    Like Margot, Alyson implores me to take a break…and…yet…
    All the best to you, Margot and Finn.

  2. Hi John, Merry Christmas! I’ve started following your blog this summer while interning at the Adobe labs in Newton. I really like your posts, always very informative (and cool), keep up the good work!!

  3. Ah Margot doesn’t know about your daily ‘dobe blog-dom ritual & fan club. Well, ya did take a couple of days off.
    [Yeah, and now we’re getting some cabin fever (can’t really go anywhere due to the baby, and my folks’ flight got cancelled), so I’ve gotta keep busy somehow. –J.]

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