Create with Pixel Bender, win loot

Feel like winning an Alienware Area-51 PC, or perhaps one of several NVIDIA Quadro CX graphics cards?  Then get cranking creating some killer Pixel Bender code for use in Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects.  Here’s the official blurb:


NVIDIA and Adobe are joining forces to encourage artists and developers to write Adobe® Pixel Bender™ Kernels for Adobe Creative Suite® 4. The first place winner will receive an Alienware Area-51 Personal Computer. Category winners will receive a NVIDIA Quadro CX graphics card. The categories are coolest Pixel Bender kernel, most useful Pixel Bender kernel in the Adobe Photoshop® workflow, and most technically compelling.


Contest entries will be accepted from January 1st 2009 – January 31st 2009. Afterwards, all entries will be open for viewing at


For some guidance on jumping in, you might want to check out the "Creating Effects With Pixel Bender" MAX Lab materials posted by Kevin Goldsmith, engineering mgr. for Pixel Bender.  Other resources:


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