Gut-busting photos & more

  • Puking up mud isn’t half as scary as some of the attire seen in the Tough Guy Challenge.
  • Interesting structures:
  • From the NY Times:
  • Funky angles:
    • Flipbac promises to let you “shoot from the hip,” adding a little extension to your camera’s LCD. [Via]
    • The Super-Secret Spy Lens is “basically a periscope that attaches your SLR’s zoom lens… you can shoot left, right, up, or down, all while appearing to shoot straight ahead.” [Via]

2 thoughts on “Gut-busting photos & more

  1. I photographed the Tough Guy event a few years back. A friend competed [and he came an impressive 9th out of 4,000+]. I ran around course with a compact, rather than burden myself with a heavier DSLR, marvelling at the lunatic things people do for ‘fun’ and what great pictures it produces.
    Totally insane, particularly if you are further back in race, where you have to queue to jump into near freezing water and then queue to get out again. Madness!

  2. Kim Høltermand’s images remind me of ‘The Day The Eart Stood Still’ – the original that is.
    Your tough guy comment reminded me to look at my pics and thanks to the speed of Bridge/PS/LR they are now online here.
    Though LR has just developed some weird folder location bugs and places all new imports from any location into my 2009-02-February folder!? Grr!

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