Bryan Hughes shares ideas, tips

My fellow Photoshop PM/Best Man/unindicted co-conspirator* Bryan O’Neil Hughes has posted a guest entry on Scott Kelby’s blog.  In it Bryan talks about some of his favorite photographic enhancements in Photoshop CS4, and he shows off some new ideas for using the new Auto-Blend Layers options to combine flash/no-flash images.


*And, any minute now, father.  Something is in the water, with Photoshop PM babies a go-go (four due in the next five months, Miles H. being first in the queue).  You know we’re doing it just for the cute test files...

2 thoughts on “Bryan Hughes shares ideas, tips

  1. Indeed. Cute test files. I shall have some of that soon myself as a colleague’s girlfriend is due this week. Congrats to every of the soon-to be moms and dads!

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