Friday Illin'

2 thoughts on “Friday Illin'

  1. Hey John! I had no idea you were an old skater. I still own the Ripper deck, though in beat-up condition. Definitely one of my all time favs. Thanks for posting that link. -josh
    [Oh yeah, I was way into all the skate aesthetics–really eye-opening for me in a big way. There was just nothing else remotely close in rural Illinois, and I had my whole bedroom door covered in skate stickers.
    Unfortunately I’m surreally physically uncoordinated & I kinda hate pain, so I never got good at the actual skating, to say the least. I took photos at events, drew pictures (loving paint-pen recreations on school gear), published a ‘zine–and for all that I got called a “poseur”; painful. I guess “budding designer/photographer” wasn’t really in other 13-year-olds’ lexicons. –J.]

  2. The Ripper was one of my first decks, thanks for the memories, haven’t thought about it in years.
    [Yeah, cool design. I went for the classic Roskopp face. –J.]
    Your eclectic and all-encompassing design posts are a welcome break in my RSS reader.
    [Cool; glad to hear it, and thanks for the encouragement. –J.]

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