4 thoughts on “GridIron Flow arrives in public beta

  1. It sounded good, and I signed up for a beta, too — but then I saw the price: $250! That’s ridiculous, given that we can get a whole CS4 upgrade for $600 and, I think, a new license of PS for not much more than double the price of Flow. Ridiculous!

  2. The difference lies in the insane increase in your productivity you will find with Flow. It is not a gimmick. After having it on your system for a little while, you will find that the price is far below the value Flow brings to your projects.
    You know when you are working so hard, and your head feels like it is full of bees, and then you delete something, or screw something up? At that moment, Flow gallops in on a huge silver stallion and saves the day. At that point, you can argue the price.

  3. I use it since yesterday. And the connections view is amazing. It is awesome to see you have a PSD file and then u see you have written a GIF, TIF and JPEG out of it, and the TIF was placed in an illustrator and so on … really cool stuff.
    To be true the price is pretty much. With 150€ I would consider to buy it (as a private person). As a professionall i defintely think the price is worth it.

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