GridMaker panel released for Photoshop CS4

I’m pleased to see that Andrew Ingram has released Gridmaker For Photoshop CS4. This panel helps build column-based layouts by setting guides at specified intervals; here’s a screenshot. Andrew notes that he hasn’t had time to polish various rough edges or to make a nicer looking UI, but I think the panel is useful even in its current form. Thanks to Andrew for his efforts to tune Photoshop for designers. For more info on why to use guides, plus a link to GridMaker for Fireworks, see previous.

5 thoughts on “GridMaker panel released for Photoshop CS4

  1. Incredible! I guess its more of an Indesign thing anyways but its amazing to see whats possible with the new configurator. It is a awesome step forward!
    [I’d love to give credit to Configurator, but it actually wasn’t used in this case. Here Andrew made a straightforward SWF panel, so it’s really SWF panel extensibility that opens new doors.
    Configurator-wise, one should be able to leverage this work by loading the GridMaker SWF into a Configurator-made panel & combining it with other functionality via drag & drop. –J.]

  2. Speaking of PS CS4, I’m running the latest version on osx 10.5.5 and almost every time I grab a layer and move it in the layer order, or to the trash icon, Photoshop crashes. I’ve submitted probably 15-20 crash reports in the last few months, and don’t know what else to do except see if you know anything about this, John. I spent 3 weeks talking my boss into allowing me to upgrade, and had to give up some other budget items — and right now, I’m seriously regretting it.

  3. i hope it gets the minor tweak of being able to switch from pixels to inches, since if i do need a layout its because im formatting to physical paper. or if it could add guides to an already existing image (like 8.5×11 if i had one open)…
    its a nice start though.

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