Come speak at MAX in October

The Adobe MAX conference is already starting to take shape for this fall (Oct. 4-7 in Los Angeles), and the organizers are looking for good speakers. I’m told that the proposals are pretty geek-heavy so far (lots of emphasis on tools, how-tos, etc.), and we’d like to get more folks talking about their work & creative processes.
Check out Ted Patrick’s call for sessions & labs proposals for more info. And for inspiration, check out some of the presentations from MAX 2008.

One thought on “Come speak at MAX in October

  1. Hmpf. I’ll be honest, as much as i like Adobe (tattoo be my witness) talking about tools is not so good idea. Since i am in website creation business, mostly, talking about how i use Photoshop in order to create useful, beautiful, organized, intuitive, [insert word here], website is kinda pointless. The concepts, ideas, and problem solving – that is what i would like to talk about and hear about. You will never see an architect talk about pencil that he used to draw a building. He will talk about how he architected (is that a word?) building so it is efficient, requires less energy on heating/cooling etc…
    Adobe is really good company, and i cannot talk enough words of praise about it, but in the end, Adobe just provides tools that we use to create something. And tools themselves rarely solve problems. I agree, CS4 is awesome package, but most of what that TOOL offers was available before only in some more complicated and time-waster form.
    What i would like to hear at MAX is not how to use History Brush in Photoshop, rather how to solve problems of modern digital age production.

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