HDR panoramas demoed Thursday at SF PUG

“In just over 2 months,” reports Photoshop PM Zorana Gee, the San Francisco Photoshop User Group has “already gotten 380 members!” Tomorrow they’ll host a talk by photographer Lisa Yimm:

A photographer and VFX artist with a BFA in Photography, Lisa is the co-founder of HDR-VFX, based in Nyack, NY. Last year, she spent over 7 months on the road shooting HDR panorama-based virtual tours of Lexus Dealships across the US.

Things get underway at the Adobe SF office around 7pm. Here are the full details.

One thought on “HDR panoramas demoed Thursday at SF PUG

  1. combining HDR and pano stitiching is a terrific technique, especially for interiors (whether we’re talking photos of real estate, architecture or classrooms). CS4 has made good results much easier to achieve. I didn’t say “easy”, but easier. Of course, I think it’s fun regardless of the challenge. And I sure coulda used that automatic pano head…

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