CS4 improves pressure sensitivity handling

In the comments section of my post about the Wacom Intuos4, I noticed an interesting comment from brushing engineer Jerry Harris:

If you are holding out on that CS4 upgrade, this tablet might entice you to reconsider. The Photoshop code that interacts with tablets had a great deal of elbow grease applied to it. The result is improved quality at the beginning and end of strokes, as well as improved response to pressure. PS now preserves pressure beyond 8-bit throughout the painting code, whereas before CS4, only 256 levels (8-bits) made its way to this code. This should be more evident when working in 16-bit layers where subtle buildup can occur in the buffers used during painting.

I need to add this point to the list of small-but-important enhancements listed in “CS4: Sweating the Details.”

3 thoughts on “CS4 improves pressure sensitivity handling

  1. Too bad it’s impractical for hardware manufacturers to offer upgrade deals. I’d love to try this out, but my I3 is still going strong.
    (sorry if you got multiple posts of this, I kept getting JS errors for this page)

  2. Dear John,
    i really love reading your blog and i like the feeling that you really care about our (your) baby “Photoshop”.
    But today i really suffered from the fact that there is a “Photoshop” and “Photoshop Extended” version.
    I really cannot cope with.
    financing new software has become more and more harder for little facilities and its impossible to ask through the bureaucracy for another software version that is already listed as “Photoshop” in the past investment rolls, so there is no way for “Extended” investments.
    Just wanted to let you know how i (and many other users too) feel about that.
    is there an incisive answer for that step?
    [Sorry, Thomas, I’m not really sure what you’re asking. Extended is a separate product, and you can buy it or not. You can also upgrade from CS3 Extended to CS4 standard if you’d like, by calling customer service. –J.]

  3. I was asking for a fusion of PS ans PS extended.
    I’m not really satisfied with the limitations that one app has that the other one don’t.
    Just a simple example: i needed to import Movie sequences into PS and i was limited to only 500 frames. I’m running an Octacore Mac with 6 Gigs of RAM and i beleive that this machine is capable to precess more than that.
    i’ve contacted support an they’ve just said that this is a limitation given by The “Image Ready” engine that has moved.
    personally i don’t like the idea to pay for Extended just for that one task.
    then, originally i’ve had to split hundreds of movies, and rejoin them accurate after retouching in PS.
    however… seems not to bother much people.

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