New Pixel Bender Toolkit available

A new version of the Pixel Bender Toolkit, used for writing imaging filters that run super fast in Photoshop, Flash, and After Effects, is available for download from Adobe Labs. Engineering manager Kevin Goldsmith writes,

This new version includes the ability to edit, compile and run Pixel Bender Graphs (supported in Photoshop and After Effects). It also has a number of bug fixes, specifically in areas around PBJ generation.

If you’ve haven’t yet grabbed the PB Gallery plug-in for Photoshop CS4, you might want to do so as it lets you run an ever-growing set of very fast filters. (Plus, we’d like to get your feedback on where to take it in the future.) I’ve collected lots of PB-related resources & links here.

5 thoughts on “New Pixel Bender Toolkit available

  1. Has/Can anything be done about the size of the rendering. I believer I have read reports that this technology can only handle images up to a certain size because of current limitations in video cards. Has this been fixed or can it be fixed without having to buy a new expensive video card?

  2. Would be cool to store arrays/images/variables and use them globally in After Effects. So the complexity of the filters could grow!
    And I’m also keen to know what happend in the context…

  3. I have lost memory in some of my rendering wil using the Nvidia 9600. I am as well interested in technelogical information as well as Robert Barnett.

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