Remaindered Links, Vol. 1

I obviously scan a ton of content in order to create this blog, and rather than just spray random links, I like to group them & add a little context. The process consumes more time than you’d think, though, and I’ve managed to rack up hundreds of links that just haven’t fit into other posts. Therefore, being on vacation this week, I’m clearing out a bunch of old, random, potentially interesting stuff that would otherwise go unmentioned.

One thought on “Remaindered Links, Vol. 1

  1. Hey John, I love your blog I have it at the top of my iGoogle page. That said could you do me a favor today and find the guy who half-arse implemented tabs in Photoshop CS4 and smack him upside the head ? Even with tabs disabled in preferences things still open in tabs when I drag them into Photoshop and since you cant drag layers or effects between tabs they are useless. Your hair is immaculate. (finishing off the ‘complement sandwich’)
    [Heh–thanks for the sandwich, John. I’ll make sure we revisit the behavior you mention. –J.]

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