Funky error messages o' the day

Check out what Daring Fireball calls the “Jedi Mind Trick Error Dialog in Dreamweaver.” I have to smile a little thinking about similar alerts that could pop up from time to time: “Photoshop is not messing with picutres of your exes. Nope, don’t know where you heard that. [OK]*”
Elsewhere, I just stumbled upon this old weirdness in the bowels of my hard drive. It’s a screenshot I took ~15 years ago, squirreled away, and forgot until now. Props to that old developer for having a sense of humor.
* Absolutely tangential, and in no way work-related, but tied to the “don’t sweat it vibe”: Peter Bjorn & John’s “Nothing To Worry About” video.

12 thoughts on “Funky error messages o' the day

  1. One of the most memorable errors I’ve ever gotten happend, I think, in Illustrator 5, and went something like, Could not complete the operation because it is behind you.
    [Heh–maybe they thought it was beneath you. πŸ™‚ –J.]

  2. This is really funny reminds me of a list of filters we once talked about, the list includes something like:
    – Make miracles
    – Apply increase
    – Kill boss

  3. I enjoyed your old screen shot, John πŸ™‚
    I wish I’d taken a screen shot of a similar message from a game a couple of years back – something along the lines of “You’re already the patcher, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” (Seriously, about that long).
    Love a sensayuma in coders πŸ™‚

  4. Could you make the background of your text a little darker gray…right now it’s still almost readable. Is this a test of how motivated your faithful readers are? Maybe it’s “squint and ye shall receive” πŸ™‚

  5. -37 was “Bad File Name” (like, you typed a ‘:’ or something). Would it have killed the developer to look that up in a table?
    At least that was more advanced than MacTCP, which announced problems by freezing your machine. MacTCP was evil enough to make me switch to Windows for a decade, but I digress…

  6. I’ve also gotten jimhere’s Save for Web shortcut error several times in the past month. CS4, OS 10.5.6, using the keyboard shortcut to get there (Shift Option Command S). Have never encountered it in any prior version of Photoshop.

  7. I get the “save for web” error mesage too! Every few times (maybe 1 out of 4 saves?) it pops up. I haven’t changed any keyboard short cuts in ages and I’m not sure what gets reset when I accidently say “yes”, but it is annoying as it takes up a few more seconds of my life each time it shows up.
    If any thing, it might be related to the order in which I press the keyboard shortcut: ctrl+alt+shift+s versus ctrl+shift+alt+s?

  8. Please use some reasonable video hosting platform, MySpace shows hilarious “Video not available in your country”. Excuse my rudeness, but what the ****, is Poland some kind of North Korea or Cuba?

  9. Funny site, but what’s with anger towards adobe when there are much, much better targets… Does anyone know of a Microsoft UI Gripes site?
    [Maybe it’s a sort of compliment, in the sense of what Alan Kay said about the first Mac: it was the first personal-computer interface good enough to criticize. –J.]

  10. You’ve got to be kidding Chris, Adobe are more than worthy targets when they charge so much for this stuff.

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