Julieanne Kost makes Fast Company's Top 100

I’m delighted to see that our globetrotting colleague & friend Julieanne Kost, Adobe Evangelist, is #67* on Fast Company’s list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business. Congrats, Julieanne! They could not have picked a nicer, harder working, more down-to-earth person to honor. Check out Julieanne’s photography, tips on Photoshop & Lightroom, her book Window Seat, and her blog (available inside PS CS4) for more info.

* “So, according to this, do you know who she’s more creative than?” my boss Kevin started to ask in his staff meeting, meaning to mention Brian Eno (#83), Zaha Hadid (#68) and other luminaries. “You mean besides all of us in this room?,” I asked.

One thought on “Julieanne Kost makes Fast Company's Top 100

  1. Congratulations, Julianne!
    I love Window Seat. In my capacity as advisor to book publishers I frequently get offered free books. The last few times O’Reilly has offered, I’ve told them to just send me copies of Window Seat, as I keep giving copies away.

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