PS Automator Actions v4.0 Beta now available

Photographer/author/developer Ben Long has posted a new beta of his Photoshop Automator Actions. He writes,

This 4.0 collection currently only supports CS4 and has a number of bug fixes, and 6 new actions.

Like previous versions of the Action Pack, this collection of Automator Actions lets you drive Photoshop from Apple’s Automator. These are not actions that you can run from within Photoshop’s Actions palette. This is a Mac-only product that allows you to build automated workflows that can go beyond what Photoshop’s built-in actions provide.

Ben is looking for feedback (bugs, etc.) on the new version. For more info on what the Action Pack does, see his earlier post.

One thought on “PS Automator Actions v4.0 Beta now available

  1. Hi John,
    I’m sure you’re a great guy. And I’m sure Adobe has lots of great people. But I just want to take a quick second and say that there are no words for the level of hatred I have for your software.
    I just tried to install the latest updates (to patch the critical holes in acrobat). It told me it couldn’t proceed because my installation was missing components. No doubt, those would be the swahili, italian, french, Botswanan and other localizations. The warning’s advice? Hit the adobe website for more info. So I did that.
    20 seconds later, the goddamn updater is bouncing in my dock telling me it can’t update Camera Raw and Flash while Safari is open. Honestly, I just want to run around Adobe’s headquarters with a flamethrower.
    So now, to patch Acrobat, I first have to reinstall Acrobat. Beautiful.
    A couple posts back you talked about “taking time off big projects to fix little irritations.” I have a better idea. Why don’t you just take CS4, FIX THE GODDAMN UPDATERS AND INSTALLERS, call it CS5 and send it our way?
    Either that, or start stocking barbeque sauce around Adobe HQ.

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