Handy new Lightroom, ACR utilities

5 thoughts on “Handy new Lightroom, ACR utilities

  1. Thanks for the link, John. It’s now free until Aug 7th, which gives me more time to set up a billing process.
    [Good to know, John. I’ll update the post. –J.]

  2. I use Lightroom a lot, and I try to tag all my photos. I think a very (!) useful plugin/utility would be a specialized tag editor. Moving tags around within the side panel, adding sub-tags, editing properties etc. is time consuming and difficult considering the limited screen real-estate. I think the ideal solution would be a pop-out button for this panel which opens it full screen, perhaps with a split-screen view…
    cheers, lior

  3. Although it would be useful to have this converter, it doesn’t appear to be opening on my Mac citing ‘a damaged droplet file or that it was created with a previous version of Photoshop’. (I’m using CS4).

  4. Not related but was just looking at shortcut training on Lynda.com and wondered. If control/option left and right arrow changes brush size, why doesn’t the same keys and up and down arrow change the softness?
    Too hard a concept?

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