A note about batch printing in CS4

Photoshop CS4 unfortunately contains a bug that interferes with running batch printing via actions. Fortunately it’s easy to work around the problem via a script, downloadable from Adobe.com. See this tech note for the script & instructions.

8 thoughts on “A note about batch printing in CS4

  1. Jack,
    I had a “funny” thing happen when I printed a 8×10 on my epson 3800. It came out perfect, printing directly from PSCS4. The size of the image was larger than 8×10. I don’t know what happened, I did no re size to fit in the print module of epson…anyway
    Ken in KY

  2. I assume that with an action, you can run this by selecting the files in Bridge, right? My main question is whether there’s any way to print both landscape and portrait orientation images on the same run?

  3. Ken, if you’re on Windows, this is something that happens when you set the scaling (in photoshop’s print dialog) before setting the paper size and print quality in the Epson-specific print properties.
    Keith, I can’t think of any way to do so without additional scripting. Sorry.

  4. Using your jsx to do a print action, it works! EXCEPT, it defaults to plain paper. UGLY. Since I am using the jsx, I can’t set the paper type.
    [Unfortunately, it’s not possible to set paper type via actions/scripts. I inquired with one of the testers, and he replied, “Paper Type is one of the properties that isn’t accessible by the Actions and scripting system. I checked in CS3 where the bug in recording Print in an Action isn’t present, and I couldn’t specify a Paper Type in an Action.” –J.]

  5. Marc,
    Which OS are you on?
    Are you trying to change the color profile in Photoshop or the paper type in the printer driver? If the latter, you need to change the default at the OS level. I’d offer to tell you how, but it’s different between Mac and Windows, and it’s different for nearly every printer driver out there.

  6. A bit OT but my problem is a bit seriuos. My Epson Stylus Pro9800 has always been working fine but today the epson printer software started giving trouble. when printing from photoshop, my settings are
    Photoshop: Color Handling – Photoshop Manages Colors, Printer Profile – Adobe RGB (1998), Rendering Intent – Relative Colorimetric and
    Epson Printer Software: Media Type – Premium Lustre Photo Paper, Color – Color, Print Quality – 1440dpi High Speed Off, Mode – sRGB.
    But today, it started disabling Mode from sRGB to No Color Management giving very dark, devoid of yellow and blurred prints. no matter which combination i try, it returns to no color management. Printing on other softwares other than Adobe are beahivng normal.
    plz help me out.

  7. I’m using PSCS3 and trying to create actions to print to a EPSON 1400 Printer and Sony Printer. If I run the Sony print action it goes to the default printer (EPSON). Is there anyway to get an action in PSCS3 to not recognize the default printer?

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