Adobe Updater improvements planned

The Adobe Update Manager has been a source of grief & ridicule for too long. The good news is that a bunch of folks are working hard to fix it. Check out the details if you’re interested, and feel free to send the team feedback on their plans.

6 thoughts on “Adobe Updater improvements planned

  1. John–I know this isn’t the most appropriate way to get in touch with you however I am in DESPERATE need of assistance. I have waited over 30 minutes twice today to have a CS rep hang up on me when I requested a supervisor. I am in tears! It is in regards to CS4.

  2. I find it a little frustrating that the updater does it’s thing everytime I start up Adobe. My PC came preinstalled with Norton (tried to remove it completely) but somehow it tries to block internet access to the updater everytime and I have to manually ‘allow’ the updater to do it’s thing. Most of the time I hit ‘disallow’ because i’m impatient – even if there were some updates, when I’m just about to START on something is not when I want to be told!

  3. The Adobe updater for main line products (Photoshop, …) may have its weaknesses – sometimes irritating, but it is nothing compared to the absolute dumbness of the “Adobe download manager ‘Powered by Getplus'”, plugin for Firefox running on Windows (xp, 7); supposed to update Flash or Reader. Most often, it simply fails repeatedly to install or update itself, or else it appears many times during a session without any valid reason – for instance when getting files in ODT format from Google Documents; nothing to do with Flash update – afaik). For the past weeks, this beast has been more annoying than whatever else my computers can do to me. PLEASE, Adobe, FIX IT OR SCRAP IT, FAST.

  4. I don’t really want to rant on your blog but since Adobe “contact support” does really provide a means of contact other than paying $39 for a support call it’s the only venue I’ve found available.
    I HATE installation packages/processes that load CRAP on MY computer without being informed or giving approval – AKA GetPlus. I found it very deceitful, especially when the approval request for Google Toolbar is prominently displayed prior to installation.
    BTW – the GetPlus on Windows 7 64bit via Chrome failed; prompted me at least two times for administrator password. The Adobe X Reader install went to 100% and then hangs.
    You’re supposed to be a professional company – act like it. Guess I’ll have to start security checking Adobe installs in a virtual computer before install on my production computer.

  5. This has been annoying for far too long. About time something should be done. Please keep me updated.

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