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Housekeeping note: This blog’s commenting system remains a work in progress. As you may have noticed, we’ve moved to a new CAPTCHA system, and valid comments now publish immediately after you submit them. I’m hoping that the latter, taken together with threaded commenting (still working on that one), will make it easier for people to talk back and forth without waiting on me.
If you encounter any problems posting comments, please let me know.
Update: Dammit, something is apparently busted, and if you’ve submitted a comment in the last ~24 hours (and don’t see it published), it hasn’t reached me. I’ve asked the admins for an update ASAP.
Okay, it seems things are working again, Please do let me know if you experience problems commenting.

10 thoughts on “Blog commenting

  1. mmm, that captcha seems to work.
    So i may benefit from those 5 minutes to test your captcha for a non personal question.
    I was showing cs4 brush features to a friend, who’s a comix colorist.
    i showed her the H flyover, the shortcut to size and hardness, and she brought to me a question i had no answer.
    She wanted to know a way to access the opacity level of her brush from the keyboard. Her work is mainly with different shades of a color, so she often switches between 20%/60%/100%
    [Just hit the various number keys when a brush tool is selected: 1 gives you 10%, 2 gives you 20%, etc. Hitting 55 gives you 55%, 66 gives you 66%, and of course 666 erases your hard drive… –J.]
    I could find no access in the keyboards shortcuts, and the brush presets reset the size and hardness (so she cannot make a brush preset that would be like a character style in inDesign : “+opacity = 20%”
    Did i miss something ?

  2. ok… forget my question, Stephane baril was awake sooner than you and just told me “type 2 for 20% opacity, 5 to have 50%, 0 for 100%”… And i had already used that… 🙂

  3. John, each time I load your page there is a quarter-second of an odd sound. This happens with three browsers and on two separate machines — there’s gotta be an odd little sound file loaded, somewhow, with your page. I never get this on other sites. Hence . . . this turd must be on your turf.

  4. I get the same sound that Klaus mentions. It is a bit annoying as it sounds like a muffled error message.

  5. Can you tell me what is this “CAPTCHA System”? And what does this signify? I never heard this word before.
    [It’s the squiggly text meant to prevent robots from adding spam comments. Wikipedia has more info. –J.]

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