Using DNG profiles: A video demo

Last summer I wrote,

When we look back at how things changed with the arrival of Lightroom 2, I think the new DNG Profile Editor (presently kind of a sleeper technology) will stand out as transformative.

I still believe that’s true, but I think photographers need an assist in learning how to make profiles practical. The inclusion of camera profiles in recent updates to Lightroom & Camera Raw greatly simplifies their use, and now Julieanne Kost has posted a 15-minute walkthrough showing their use & benefits:

(For higher-res viewing, I recommend clicking the full screen option above, or watching the video on the Adobe TV site.)

5 thoughts on “Using DNG profiles: A video demo

  1. I’m all for them, but until someone develops a (publicly available!)
    way to adjust the target, they’re of extremely limited use.
    We can all use the canned manufacturer “looks”, or shoot test charts
    and match them with the DNG Profile Editor until we’re blue in
    the face, but colour “accuracy” only goes so far.
    What I want is a way to profile an alternative process (say a
    traditional flashed print, or a particular transparency film) and use
    that as a target to create a DNG profile. That way, you get all the
    non-destructive editing features of LR or ACR underneath* your primary
    “look” DNG profile. I assume you guys have an in-house method for
    doing this (you must have, in order to have recreated the manufacturer
    “looks” as DNG profiles), I just wish you make that part available to
    us proles.

    * Or on top of: which way round do these things get applied?

  2. Hello…
    For some reason when I try to embed this video it doesn’t work well…
    It starts playing without clicking the play button yet there’s is no video, only sound…

  3. Hey John, speaking of DNG… Will the 64 bit version of the DNG codec ever see the light of day? It has been more than a year now. What’s the hold up? At least an update would be nice. Thanks.
    [I’m told you to “stay tuned.” Hope that helps, even if vague. –J.]

  4. Hi John.
    Congratulations on the new baby.
    Maybe slightly off topic but I have a question. I watched Julieanne’s video and it’s very informative. My question is about the display she is using. It looks to be a HP DreamColor. Sweet! I read some reviews that state the display dithers and it’s visible in deep blacks. I work with files that mostly end at the printers. So I have been trying to decide what to purchase. The Dream Color, LaCie 724, or a LaCie 324. I like the price of the LaCie 324. I’m not sure if it’s worth the extra grand for LED. Can you provide your thoughts. I would greatly appreciate your opinion.

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