The photography of conflict

  • Tom Junod’s article The Falling Man, about Richard Drew’s famous 9/11 photograph, is long, very difficult, and rewarding.
  • Battlespace brings together photographs from Iraq and Afghanistan, 2003-2008. If nothing else see the 5-minute slideshow.
  • “As a general rule, people really don’t catapult ten feet into the air whenever an artillery round explodes near them, despite what Hollywood war movies show you.” Bruce Haley shares amazing war photography and insights on his site. (“After weeks of living on the run in the jungle, eating nothing but rice, that goddamn barbecued monkey leg tasted like filet mignon.”)
  • Photography Served features beautiful (in one sense) B&W’s of 20th-Century War Machines.
  • Design Observer surveys Hiroshima: The Lost Photographs. [Via]

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