10.5.8 addresses Smart Object crash

The new Mac OS X 10.5.8 update fixes a bug that could cause Photoshop to crash when editing a raw image placed as a Smart Object. The (very brief) Adobe technote on the subject links to the 10.5.8 download locations.

6 thoughts on “10.5.8 addresses Smart Object crash

  1. Hey John,
    (off topic)
    I looked in your archives regarding questions or troubleshooting in PS CS4 and I can’t find it. So I will leave the comment here and you can direct me to the right place. I’m going back & forth with tech support now. I just got an intuos 4 & can’t use the pen properly with the spot & healing brushes. The brush panel is grayed out with or without the tablet. Do you know if this is a bug in CS4 or that’s how it was designed. It’s driving me crazy.
    [Our brush testing expert replies, “This is the expected behavior. The Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush only support round Brushes. All the supported brush options are available in the Brush flyout on the Options bar.” –J.]

  2. Hi John,
    Updated to 10.5.8 today and had a high-res multilayered file bug out when I turned a layer into a smart object. Opacity of multiple layers changed, multiple masks were affected (altered without my changing them). I’ve never seen anything like this. Heard of anything similar? Email me if you’d like to see the file. Thanks!

  3. I know you probably won’t have good news for me, but I’m hoping there is some way to get Photoshop 7 to work in 10.5.8. I do not have the cash to buy a new version of Photoshop and I cannot find my disk with the older OS on it. Grrrr.
    Thanks for looking even if you don’t have a fix.

  4. Sarah, I’m with you. There has to be a solution to the Adobe PhotoShop 7 problem that won’t require the spending of money. Since George Bush and Dick Cheney took office, I’ve forgotten which President is on the dollar bill.

  5. Yeah, let’s make this political George… Photoshop is suddenly politically involved. Oh nooo! Photoshop ate my healthcare!

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