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  1. I tried to find a similar workstation contraption that had you in far more reclined position and the monitor, again a big heavy CRT was mounted high above you on a large round frame. It looked like those vehicles where you sit inside a large wheel. I have been able to find it. Personally I would hate it for the the lack of desk space.

  2. The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies… What a great lesson for my students. I’ve never thought about it before but I wonder what all those tools cost in comparison to a CS bundle (after adjusting for inflation). I’ve still got many of those items stashed in the garage including my original Mac 128 — upgraded to a blazing 512 — which I used (mostly) to play Zork and Planetfall while the drawing board continued to pay the bills. “Ah, those were the days,” he said, fondly rubbing the mechanical pencil/X-ACTO callous on his middle finger.

  3. As far as the evolution of Photoshop goes, I’d be interested to know about the hidden alternate splash screens you see when you hold the ALT/CMD keys down and select “About Photoshop.” You know, Big Electric Cat, Red Pill/Blue Pill, Stonehenge, etc… My students were always amused by them but I didn’t know what they meant or who created them. I assumed they were code names. Also what’s the deal with the crazy cat eye that graced so many? It looked like Bill the Cat via KPT. I think one was even interactive (around PS 5)… Along the same lines: what about the Thumbnail Size palette wizards? (I think those are wizards…) Thanks and great blog!

  4. The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies — wow, talk about Memory Lane, and I don’t mean RAM! Since the mid-70s, I’ve owned or at least used maybe half of that stuff — including the Double cutting knife, not to mention the Swifel cutting knife, and a handful of those airbrushes, including the brilliant but cranky Pasche AB Turbo. Thanks!

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