Snow Leopard 10.6.1 update released

As you may have seen by now, Apple has released the 10.6.1 update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard. We are working with Apple to address some of the application stability problems customers have reported when using Snow Leopard. We believe many of the problems have been addressed with 10.6.1, and we continue to work with Apple to resolve outstanding issues. If you continue to experience problems, please let us know.

107 thoughts on “Snow Leopard 10.6.1 update released

  1. the same open/save crashes in various apps as before.
    virgin clean SL install + 10.6.1 update, PS CS4 11.0.1 only, no other apps or pref panes. PS crashes more on save for web, but there are cases when it crash on open file.
    Safari crashes when i trying to upload photo to some image hosting (for example funkyimg or
    also i’ve a lot of other apps crashes with the same ‘pointer being freed was not allocated’ console error during open/save file operations.

  2. Had same reported problems, so I did a clean install…
    My Adobe CS4 apps were working fine the day I did the clean install… I save most of my work to an external drive that is attached via USB.
    Later that day, I made some folders on my external drive shared via SMB to my AppleTV with Boxee setup.
    I didn’t know that SMB sharing might be an issue with the crashes. After I turned SMB sharing back on after the clean install, all of my CS4 apps started crashing again.
    I then did a Google search and found this was a known issue and that it might involve SMB drives… I was never saving to the drive across SMB, but the drive itself was shared via SMB. I tried turning off SMB sharing, but the apps still crash with SMB sharing turned off.
    Then I tried saving to my local hard drive, but still it crashes nonstop. I have this issue with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
    After updating to 10.6.1, there was no change. Apps still crash as much or more than ever.

  3. I am also still having the same problems with photoshop cs3 crashing when saving a file. Mostly when using save as, If I duplicate the file that I’m going to work on and then just save over the duplicate file photoshop doesn’t crash as often. I have also downloaded cs4 trial version of photoshop, but it also crashes just about everytime I try and save a file. I can’t understand how snow leopard was tested with photoshop when something as common as file saving can crash the progam so often. I would like to know who has dropped the ball on this one – Adobe or Apple (maybe both).

  4. If you still see TFSInfo in the crash report, Apple hasn’t fixed all of their bugs. It got me in BBEdit a little while ago.
    I’m starting to get annoyed with Apple.

  5. Updated to Snow Leopard on my iMac and couldn’t do a thing – PS, InDesign, ColorMunki, etc all crashed all the time.
    So resorted to a clean install of Snow Leopard and Master Collection. Plenty of crashes on all apps from Adobe including things like iTunes. More workable since the clean install but still not great.
    Running a 2.66GHz iMac with 4GB RAM and it is very unstable. My Macbook Pro however (with the same programs installed) is running like a dream although I haven’t pushed it to the same extent.
    ColorMunki crashes without allowing a screen calibration on the iMac, yet the Macbook Pro is fine.
    Not good at all. 10.6.1 update did nothing to help at all.

  6. Crashing left and right. I’ve had apps like Illustrator sitting in the background crashing on their own. I’m really shocked and surprised with both Adobe/Apple on this.

  7. I’m still getting constant crashes opening and saving files (most recently, saving TIFs to the Desktop in Photoshop CS4). The patch did not fix the problem.

  8. Still have issues with crashing on 10.6.1 with Adobe Photoshop CS4. Mostly on save for web, sometimes on open dialogues.
    Photoshop is almost unusable at this point…

  9. Would love to offer some different input – but finding are the same – 10.6.1 and PS 11.0.1 are a no-go. “Save as” and “JPEG” crashes the moment I pull up the compression level dialogue. EVERY time.
    I’ve also explored replacing preferences and massive Font cleaning – and no improvement whatsoever.
    This has GOT to be resolved, and now. PS is completely unusable if I can’t save my work product.

  10. Apple screwed the pooch. Their P.O.S. update didn’t fix the bugs and everything is still crashing on Snow Lepard.

  11. Then moaning here and tell Apple to get their act together. That same FSInfo thing is crashing in every app on Snow Leopard.

  12. Then stop moaning here and tell Apple to get their act together. That same FSInfo thing is crashing in every app on Snow Leopard.

  13. Upon updating to 10.6.1 is causing Illustrator CS3 to crash for me. Launches, but upon trying to open or create a file it goes down. 10.6.0 was previously fine 🙁

  14. CS3 Photoshop and Illustrator won’t even open for me, InDesign does, but only sometimes. It’s a great big pain in the bum.
    Goodbye livelihood, goodbye.

  15. All CS3 apps are crashing, and trial version of CS4 are worse. So many users have this problem. Apple priority is iphone. I will lost how many hours to backup and re-install 10.5?

  16. I have noticed some issues with snow leopard and CS4 are font related. try deactivating most of your fonts and see how you go. this fixed my constant Flash CS4 crashes!

  17. Still having problems with crashing on file open, file save, and sometimes doing things like right clicking when I’m using the brush tool. I have to try to save every few seconds just to make sure I don’t lose everything.
    I’ve deactivated and deleted all of my fonts with any issues and it still happens.
    I’ve got 10.6.1 and the newest verison of PS 11.0.1
    I feel like I’m on old windows XP again sending stupid meaningless error reports back to MS that never get taken care of…

  18. This is starting to be a joke and a nightmare. Come on Adobe, release updates for CS3 apps that fixes all the issues on OSX 10.6.x instead of saying there won’t be anymore updates for CS3 users.
    [How are we to update the OS? –J.]

  19. it’s never a good idea to update to a major new OS release, if your livelihood (or anything else critical) is dependent on your system working properly.
    every major Mac OS release (10.3, 10.4, …) has had significant problems that took a while for Apple to resolve. And, some printer/device drivers take a while to be updated to compatible versions (if at all).
    it’s best to check the forums/download sites for problems with your critical software, and compatible drivers.
    i know we all wish that this weren’t true, but it’s just the way it is, and seems to be a fundamental of software development. no matter how much a developer tries to test, when major revisions are made to a large, complex system (like an OS), some problems don’t show up until it’s released to customers.

  20. Oh come on now. Come on Adobe, release updates makes it sound like Adobe is sitting on a batch of updates and refusing to release them, which is patently absurd. Nobody should expect them to fix _all_ issues with a new OS release. “We’re not gonna test it” was an unreasonable stance for Adobe to take, which they have since clarified into a much less unfriendly one. But it’s hardly a joke or nightmare that they’re not fixing _every_ CS3/Snow Leopard issue. Just test and disclose the issues so users can make informed choices, as they’ve started to do — reasonableness, as ever, lies somewhere in the middle.

  21. I will lost how many hours to backup and re-install 10.5?
    Maybe the real lesson here is about backup: you should have backed up _before_ updating your operating system, and kept that backup until you had tested all of your important applications in the new release. I know that my telling you that won’t save you any time today, but do yourself a favor and consider it a lesson learned when 10.6 comes out? (Or with Windows 7 if you have a PC you’re going to upgrade.)
    It’s perfectly fair to complain to Adobe that you wanted to upgrade and you can’t use the new version because of some conflict with their app. But losing hours to manually reinstalling the older version is _not Adobe’s fault_, and is a problem that can and should be avoided. Back up before an OS upgrade, every time, no matter what OS.
    (I’m not trying to be mean. I, too, learned this the hard way, once upon a time. I’ve just been at this for many years now.)

  22. How are you sure that Adobe has any fixes to release? So far all the crashes I’ve seen in Photoshop are the same ones I see in every other app on Snow Leopard! That makes em Apple’s fault and Apple’s fix.
    Adobe usually seems pretty up front with admitting and fixing their own problems, unlike our favorite fruit themed OS maker. Shouldn’t we make Apple accountable for their messes?

  23. Okay here’s how I fixed it on my Mac Pro. I uninstalled Integro’s VirusBarrier X5, I unselected “secure virtual memory” and I turned off the firewall. Very stable now. PS CS$ has only quit once. Dreamweaver CS 4 is currently uploading my site via ftp. All seems good with the world again.

  24. Here is how I fixed the open/save crashes on my iMac. Seems to work ok so far:
    In System Prefs, I went to Sharing and saw that my disconnected USB disk was enabled for file sharing. Once I disabled sharing for this drive the crashes seemed to stop. (I left file sharing turned on for my built-in HD).

  25. I don’t have Integro’s Virus Barrier, and I’ve disabled my firewall and unselected secure virtual memory in the preferences and photoshop still crashes on open and save just about every damn time.
    I also don’t have any sort of usb file sharing enabled.
    Same result. None of the fixes listed on this page have worked for my MacBook Pro & CS4 install.

  26. Yea this is clearly an OS issue and not adobe for all those pointing the finger.. Cause excel, firefox and pretty much any other application that involves the finder window with browse open and save for options.. CRASH..
    I got sucked into moving to a mac.. They are supposed to be perfect.. windows 7 is kicking the hell out of it right now.. lol

  27. PhotoShop CS3 crashes when saving using Snow Leopard 10.6.1
    Since QuarkXpress 8 does the same thing when saving or exporting a PDF, I believe these are Snow leopard problems and Apple needs 10.6.2 NOW!

  28. 10.6.1 Photoshop still virtually unusable. Crashes when saving, adding layers, ‘place’ing pictures, using text. Illustrator crashing as well. MBP approx 18months old.

  29. Not sure if you were really replying to me or to the parent comment, but just to be sure: I’m not saying Adobe has fixes they’re not releasing. I’m saying that when the parent comment makes it sound like that’s the case, it’s an absurd thing to make it sound like.

  30. After installing Snow Leopard, Adobe Reader 9.1.3 was disabled. Tried reinstalling, starting with 9.1.0, but updating from 9.1.1 to 9.1.2 doesn’t work. Stuck with 9.1.1 for now, but that doesn’t allow me to open files embedded in a pdf that I created at work.Any advice?

  31. I’ve tried different install DVDs, restoring and not restoring from backups, 10.6 and 10.6.1 & I’m still getting the same issues with applications crashing on save/open/browse. This is not specific to Adobe, but happens most frequently in Photoshop.
    It’s driving me insane. It seems to be hardware related. I’m using the previous generation 2.66 15″ MBP (the one with the inbuilt battery, before they removed the express card slot).

  32. Can no longer drag more than 1 image from desktop to photoshop icon, it only load one on ps program, not more than 1. that is totally lame.
    all CS3 crashed. Since CS4 is worse, I will not buy CS4. Perhaps CS5.
    Why did Adobe buy other crap company for 1.8 billion dollars? Adobe should invest more time and money on optimizing all of their softwares, making it 100% bug-free software and right now they’re bloated, like Windows. It’s lame.
    Feel me?

  33. Boo — yeah, having the exact same issues. My MBP is about a year old — having pretty regular crashes when saving for web from Photoshop or Illustrator CS4 (less frequently when I’m in fullscreen mode with the menubar though — weird).
    I’ve always had occasional hangs when saving for web, but this is the first time the crashes have been this predictable. Same deal with file uploads (in Safari and Firefox alike). Hoping Apple addresses.

  34. What does Adobe’s purchase have to do with all of Apple’s bugs in Snow Leopard?
    Everyone is having problems in Snow Loepard, and just waiting for Apple to fix their crap.
    But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good whine.

  35. As a further update, Illustrator has since started working again. I haven’t restarted the system, nor have I made any changes to the system. The only thing I have done (and I’m not sure if this actually did anything) is to force Illustrator to run with Rosetta once – except that Rosetta wasn’t even installed, so all I got was a message saying I had to install Rosetta. After then deselecting Rosetta it .. worked!? Weird, yes. Grateful, totally.

  36. 10.6.1 was very stable for me for the first few days. Now it’s been going on about a week, and Illustrator has lost it’s marbles again. Opening and saving files is still broken here.

  37. Since i updatet to Snow Leopard, my Finder crashed all the time and thought this other Apps crashes also, it’s a quiet bad situation.
    Sorry for my bad English
    Greez from Swizerland

  38. Did a clean install of Snow Leopard and Adobe Design Premium CS3 as others have done too. Also ran the 10.6.1 update. ALL adobe apps crash when trying to save or open files and it seems it’s happening in CS4 too. Adobe, you and Apple better make this right for CS4 AND CS3 users. Telling us to spend between $400-$600 bucks to upgrade to CS4 to solve all our problems IS NOT going to cut it since BOTH CS3 and CS4 have the same issues. DO THE RIGHT THING ADOBE!

  39. For the record, I am running 2.33Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo that is about three years old. I am not having any crashing problems with any of the apps with 10.6 or 10.6.1. I’m not posting this to gloat, but rather to record the fact. It’s probably something to do with the hardware + drivers in the newer machines.

  40. Where did Adobe tell you you had to update?
    And if all the apps are crashing, doesn’t that make it Apple’s problem?

  41. Just for interest sake my 2.66 GHz iMac with 4GB RAM crashed constantly on save or export or place in multiple applications including Apple, Adobe and some Open Source apps.
    I reloaded everything (three times) and installed 10.6.1. Nothing worked. Then I used OnyX and ran all the scripts. I now have a usable machine – it’s not perfect but I can now at least work. One of the OnyX scripts cleans the font caches which (in my very uneducated opinion) may be the source of the problem. My MacBook Pro works like a dream with 10.6.1 and the same apps. Can it be anything but fonts ?
    Anyway bottom line is OnyX definitely gave me back a working machine. And it’s free – probably worth a try if you’re really battling.

  42. AI CS4 crashing on “Save As” (PDF) command. Specs: OSX 10.6.1, Mac Pro
    Zero plugins loaded into CS4. Clean install of the OS + the entire CS4 suite.

  43. After spending an initial $1,800.00 for CS3, I’m not dropping another $40
    0 to $500, just so I can use your products under Snow Leopard.
    [No one asked you to do so. The problems are in the OS, and Apple is working to fix them. We’re doing whatever we can do to help. –J.]
    The only problem I have found so far is that when any one of the CS3 applications attempts to check for “Updates…”, they crash. I
    ‘m unable to update each of the CS3 applications from the original versions on my DVD.
    I receive a dialog box that states that “Adobe Updater” quit unexpectedly.
    Adobe MUST fix this. If Adobe says they will not be supporting CS3 and Snow Leopard, I’ll move to other programs outside of Adobe.
    I have a newer Intel-based iMac. I completely reinstalled the Mac OS X to Snow Leopard and installed the Adobe apps on a clean comp
    uter. ALL of my other applications from other manufacturers are running fine

  44. Adobe Illustrator CS3 is crashing on Snow Leopard due to the error “unmapped memory exception”.
    Please fix asap!
    Thank you

  45. Having the same problems with Photoshop crashing even after the recent upgrade. This has caused ***major*** deadline headaches for many who rely on CS3/CS4 for their work.

  46. 9/11 is an appropriate date for starting this thread. SL has improved performance for everything EXCEPT CS4. It took down my twin towers, Bride and PS. Awaiting definitive fix. Any new news?

  47. It’s not Apple’s problem that Adobe’s App doesnt work anymore. Fix your buggy software, then talk to apple. PS – especially CS3 is full of bugs – but it’s easier to throw everything at Apple, aint it ?

  48. It’s like Dave Schwarz said. Every app from other companies work just fine. It’s just Adobe which has problems AGAIN. Fix your buggy software, and stop throwing everything at Apple! You did the same with Leopard, and now the same with Snow Leopard. OS may have some flaws, but main problem is that your products have a lot of bugs, and are not updated. All you do is waiting till Apple fix everything. Shame on you Adobe.

  49. me? is that a cowards name? you don’t have a real one?
    My CS4 works fine with Snow Leopard. So what have you done to your system to screw it up?
    And to the others: all of my apps work fine, including MS Office from 2002. One utility did require an upgrade though.
    CS3? you bought CS3 to work with a certain computer and OS. Why would you expect it to work with something else. Do you use wagon wheels on your bicycle?
    If you are hot to upgrade your OS, like be on the leading fringe, why not the other programs too?
    And no, CS3 isn’t full of bugs; you are.

  50. again and again…
    I’ve a lot of Safari/Mail/iTunes/whatever-app-that-can-open-or-save-files crashes.
    please read a whole f*cking topic before posting your curses to Adobe.

  51. From what I can see in all my crash reports, it’s 100% Apple’s fault.
    Apple really needs to accept responsibility for their messes and stop claming that their code is perfect.
    Ooops, I think Snow Leopard just crashed the RDF.

  52. I’ve found that if I allow the file chooser to finish populating the file list, I don’t crash. If, on the other hand, I’m in Safari and try to save an image, I will crash if I don’t let it finish filling the file list… YMMV

  53. Dave – I have found the same thing. I am used to zipping around file chooser at top speed to navigate my files, but if I am a little bit more patient with it, I don’t crash (as much). It’s not an ideal workaround, but at least I feel like I have some control. Another thing I have noticed is that if two applications are using the same file, i.e. a .jpg is open in photoshop and I open it in Illustrator, or try to attach it in Mail, one of those programs, or both, will crash.

  54. Good to know! Thanks for the tip. I’ve been posting my crash logs with this info to Apple, so they should fix it soon (I hope!).

  55. I wonder if Adobe ever looks at the crashed dialog you can fill out and send to them. Never have received any confirmation of sending. I keep trying to convince myself to stop using the PC (old DOS fan) and just bail ship to the MAC. With CS4 crashing with MAC 10.6.1 I’m ready to give up on the MAC completely. Imagine trying to produce any work with crashes-ALL THE TIME! I have not heard if it an Adobe issue or Apple. Seems no one is fessing up to it.

  56. I read the crash reports at least once a week (sometimes every day).
    The only time we reply directly is when we have something to say: like in the case where people installed obsolete plugins that were causing the crashes (easy explanation, easy fix). A dot release fix goes out to everyone and doesn’t need a response. And we can’t say much about the many bug fixes that have to happen in the OS.
    Read the existing responses on Snow Leopard (10.6.1) – it has problems.

  57. I cannot load flash at all it starts to load very briefly and then crashes. This is on a clean install of CS4 on snow leopard with all the updates of both CS4 and 10.6. I haven’t used the other apps in anger but Ps Fw Ai Dw all load without a problem.
    Shame reall y as I have only just got CS4, not a great start.

  58. You don’t get it do you. It’s all apps in OSX. ALL!! Not just CS4. And only on certain machines. Seems that MBPs are most struck. Is also based on how it accesses files based on your config.
    Try messing with your File sharing, all sharing, bonjour, iDisk and external drive settings. See if that makes a difference and let us all know

  59. Total drag… same issues with 10.6.1 PS is not usable at all!!! Does anyone have any update on this?

  60. I had hopes that today 10-6-09 Above & Apple would have resolved the crashing problems. No such luck as dream seldom come true. Running Mac 10.6.1 and the latest CS4 update still is met with crashes when I try and print to a .ps file using a PPD form my RIP company.
    Interesting that making a PDF does not cause this to crash.

  61. These crashes are so extremely frustrating. I can’t get anything done because Photoshop crashes randomly when saving my file, erasing all changes. Without a fix, I’m going to have to start using other software, which is really scary.
    [The problems aren’t in Photoshop, they’re in the OS. We’re helping Apple test their fixes. That’s all we can do. –J.]

  62. In Dreamweaver CS4 with Snow Leopard, getting “unable to open filename.css because it could not be found on your local machine. You may need to create the file or get it using the Site window, then try again.” The file is there and in use in the file in question! I’ve also “gotten” the file again from the server and the error continues. SL is fraught with issues.

  63. I have never had so many problems with a Mac OS upgrade. Mail crashes when you try to attach images. Safari crashes opening web pages. CS3 (OK it’s unsupported) crashes. Word crashes… most programs I use have fallen over at least once. More than a little frustrating.

  64. PS is not crashing it just takes almost 3 minutes to open. Its so slow I cannot click Edit in PS in LR as I get an error message that say PS not open.

  65. Does Adobe plan to fix Dreamweaver CS3 to live under snow leopard? Right now, it is a total disaster. Upgrading to CS 4 is a high price to pay & from the comments, it doesn’t play nicely with 10.6.1 either. If Adobe chooses not to fix CS 3, they should give those of us caught with the Dreamweaver/10.6 problem a big discount on CS4 (maybe a price close to that of the 10.6 upgrade).

  66. I have installed Adobe Reader 9.2.0 but I still get corrupted files when I open a PDF. I don’t get language. I get programmer’s symbols. What can I do to use Adobe Reader with Snow Leopard?

  67. I am not interested in pointing the finger at either Apple or Adobe. I just want PSCS3 not to crash when I use the save as command under Snow Leopard. I have not had problems with other applications crashing, just Photoshop. I think that will require cooperation between Apple and Adobe to figure out why the save as command causes an instant, immediate crash. I hope that both companies can work together to support their customers that use their products.

  68. C’mon, everybody knows that Adobe is neglecting their Mac apps for quite some time (re. the latest Acrobat release which not even available for the Mac). All my Adobe apps are making troubles like almost never quitting without crashing — and this has been happening since back when I was on Tiger (although Snow Leopard is in dire need of 10.6.2). I’m more angry with Adobe than with M$. I dream of Apple taking them over with their lunch money, retaining PS and ID and perhaps IL and throw all the rest like Flash (!!!) or Dreamweaver (!!!) down the toilet. Yesssss!

  69. Why are you angry at Adobe for bugs that Apple released in Snow Leopard?
    Are you also angry with Ford for the quality of your Honda? Or angry with Coke because your Pepsi is flat?
    Yeah, ur making that much sense.

  70. Pinch Zoom is also not working for me. Apple says it is probably not supported on Snow Leopard. How do you get Photoshop to create an update to include this feature for Snow Leopard?

  71. I am running CS3 and I just upgraded to 10.6.2. I have played around with opening and saving files in Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. So far I have not been experiencing the open/save crash bug which has plagued me for a few months.
    Although it is too early to tell, but I think a lot of the bugs may have been fixed in the new OS.
    I hope all of you are also no longer experiencing any problems.

  72. I’ve just restarted into my freshly upgraded 10.6.2 machine.. excitedly opened a photoshop document and hit save-as.. and submitted another mournful crash report. i’ve tried all the other suggested fixes (under 10.6.1) so not sure what else to do now, apart from erasing the old HD and starting again – and frankly i think i’d rather invest the time in getting up to speed in Acorn and Pixelmator which seem to do most of what i need for a fraction of the price..

  73. For Snow Leopard I chose to wipe clean both my dual-quad Mac Pro and late ’08 15″ MacBook.
    I’ve been tenacious in my abstinence from Rosetta. It’s a matter of principle.
    With the occasional tolerable crash, I’ve been fine in CS3 with one exception. Ever time I start up these Macs, I have to decline the Illustrator 13.0.1 update because the #$!%@ thing won’t run without a Rosetta install.
    I was able to find a command line to install Office ’08 sans Rosetta, but no such luck with this. I’m about ready to remove Adobe Updater from Login Items.

  74. I can’t print any graphic files from Photoshop on my HP2550 printer. When I try I get an error message in the print queue (“No %%BoundingBox: comment in header!”) … and I just get a line of greek at the top of each page.
    I’ve upgraded to 10.6.2 … done all my Adobe upgrades. Any advice?

  75. My Flash CS4 will launch, but not open a new file or old file with crashing. Someone sad it was system font folder related? I took out most of the fonts, but not help
    An help?

  76. How does mission critical software for the creative industry make it to market with these major issues? Adobe CS4 has been a nightmare since we were forced into upgrade.
    [Who forced you to upgrade? –J.]
    Adobe Drive is a disaster-it is unusable. “At this time, Adobe Drive does not run on Snow Leopard (v10.6)”
    [That’s correct, because Apple removed the needed extensibility from Finder. (Wait, somehow the magic Cocoa dust didn’t just make everything better?) –J.]
    If it does not work, why does it even install? I am locked out of my files and stuck. I am over spending all of my time trouble shooting Adobe’s garbage software, instead of being able to create with it. Is there a class action lawsuit yet? I will sign.

  77. Illustrator CS3 has never worked correctly for me since installing Snow Leopard. If I start the program by opening an .ai file, it crashes. But if I open the program first and then open a file, I don’t have a problem. It’s a little frustrating to deal with this.
    I’ve tried resetting the prefs. I’m running 10.6.2 on a MacBook Pro.

  78. New Mac OS X 10.6.2, 16 GB, 2 x 2.6 GHz Quad-core Intel Xeon (whatever that means) new CS4 and here at the end of Feb 2010, I am crashing every time I try to save a file in Illustrator. Haven’t even tried big work in the other programs. I’ve tried every fix listed. Any new things I can do?!

  79. On Snow Leopard/Photoshop CS4 I have been having major issues with re-saving files (PSD. the error I get is “Could not save ‘file name’ because the file is locked. Use the ‘Get Info’ command in the finder to unlock the file”.
    The file¹s are
    definitely not locked as I made sure of that right when it first happened.
    Due to this problem I am being forced to save doc¹s as different names.
    Please help…

  80. I have some problems with CS4 and Mac OS Snow Leopard Server:
    Illustrator doesn’t permit users who have their home folder on the server to embed images except those in eps format and some with psd.
    Flash CS4 is very slow when opening; it hangs and closes randomly.
    Photoshop is very slow when opening; it hangs and closes randomly.
    Acrobat Pro 9 and Reader 8 and 9: when executed, it requires the machine’s Administrator password; if this is not given the program closes.
    None of these problems occur when the user starts up locally.
    Please Help………….

  81. Okay, still having problems months later with PSCS3 crashing on “save as” in Snow Leopard 10.6.2, and problem has expanded to include a simple “save”. So duplicating a file is no longer a workaround for this persistent crashing problem. My only workaround now is to restart from a Leopard volume, use PSCS3 installed on it. It appears from comments here that upgrading to PSCS4 doesn’t really help. Come on, Adobe, Apple, please fix this.

  82. Excuse-me for my english, i’m an italian student so i can do some mistakes.
    Before install Mac Os Snow Leopard, I saw pdf file with Adobe reader normally.
    After that I’ve installed Mac Os Snow Leopard, I can’t open pdf files. When I try to use Adobe Reader ( the last version), before opening a window, the program show me a message ” There was an internal error” ( I think that the translation is this )
    Now i open pdf files with anteprima ( preview) but with Adobe reader i could edit pdf files….
    Please Help me!!!

  83. Excuse-me for my english, i’m an italian student so i can do some mistakes.
    Before install Mac Os Snow Leopard, I saw pdf file with Adobe reader normally.
    After that I’ve installed Mac Os Snow Leopard, I can’t open pdf files. When I try to use Adobe Reader ( the last version), before opening a window, the program show me a message ” There was an internal error” ( I think that the translation is this )
    Now i open pdf files with anteprima ( preview) but with Adobe reader i could edit pdf files….
    Please Help me!!!

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