Flash CS5 demo + many more vids from MAX

I’m impressed that today’s sessions from Adobe MAX are already live & streaming on Adobe TV. Check out numerous entries in the Design, Develop, and the sort of vaguely named Envision categories.

Being an old-school Flash user, I like seeing this preview demonstration of the version in development:

For some odd reason the first 20 or so minutes are empty, so just click ahead to reach the demo content.

I don’t yet see a video for today’s session on How to Write a Plug-in for Photoshop, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

5 thoughts on “Flash CS5 demo + many more vids from MAX

  1. It seems they’ve shared a LOT of video (wonderful thing), but the How to Write Ps Plug-ins is still missing… :-/

  2. Watching the CS5 video it becomes apparent that there is no real intention to ever make Flash accessible to traditional media artist.
    Why is this? Can this change?
    I have a great example of the limitations its putting on enhancing the creativity of sites by ‘ignoring’ the traditional artist.
    Take example the site I just built for my wife and myself.
    Almost ever button on the page calls up a scrolling menu art gallery. There are 8 buttons calling up 8 individual traditional media galleries, and about 7 more with new media… albeit only still images. [which is a problem and why this exist will be addressed]
    The issue is that it took 112 lines of actionscript 2.0 code to get one… yes, one button to highlight, click and call up a gallery.
    84 lines of code for the remaining galleries.
    Because I used xml as to try to make the gallery more efficient. And no one that I have seen as of yet has a site with multiple scrolling menu galleries.
    Had it not been for some kind people I would have never even gotten the links to work… and if I did the highlights would not have worked. {Why is there even a button feature in flash if you have to use a movie clip to get functionality with actionscript?]
    Due to the amount of code to do something basic, I was not able to get live links on the xml images [is it even possible?], and audio and video is not there… where weekly podcast should be there are still images which really do nothing but advertise a blog.
    Also no paypal, etc. {Things that are possible, but again, this set up is unique and was exploring a creative way to display a site. Something that you would expect from a ‘creative’, yet I need programming skills to do this
    It would seem that there is a gap. Programs are made by programmers so that creative [whoever wants to create] can put together a site without programming.
    Im not against the idea of having both gui and programming, but it is more than frustrating to have to have that much line of code for simple features – and why a certain segment is stuck with having to use the likes of iWeb which gives them the interactivity, but not necessarily the flexibility for design.
    The site is lightofinfinity.org
    It works, but is limited in functionality, and what is there took a whopping amount of code which I was grateful to have help with. [feel free to skip the intro video, I through it in for fun] 🙂

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