7 thoughts on “(rt) Interesting Miscellany: Slick designs, terrible demos, & more

  1. John, there’s an important sentence missing in the English wikipedia article on the Katzenklavier, stating that it’s doubtful if it ever existed. Also missing is the reference for that conclusion.

  2. i have tried capture one v5 today and i must say it runs circle around LR 3 beta.
    the image quality is a magnitude better then LR.
    [Prove it, please. I’m not saying that it is or isn’t better (I haven’t tried the new version of C1), just that I’d like to see what you’re seeing. Just saying that X is better than Y doesn’t help us understand what you like or make changes as needed. –J.]
    thats the news for me today…..

  3. well there is a trial version… everbody can try it.
    the rendering of fine details and sharpening is undisputed, amongst industry experts, the best.
    [So you’re just repeating what you’ve heard, but you can’t demonstrate any difference with your images? Not exactly helpful and convincing. I’ll also note that you’re using another fake (or at least non-functional) email address to post your criticisms. Why is that? –J.]
    skin looks so great with C1.
    i have never read that LR has the best image quality…..
    and i read a lot (magazines and review/test websites).
    but i see many many reviews where C1 comes out at first place when it come to image quality.
    why do you think thats the case?
    are all these people wrong including me? 🙂
    [Remember how, just five minutes ago, I noted that I wasn’t saying you’re wrong (or right)? I just asked you to demonstrate what you’re talking about. Apparently you can’t, so this is becoming a waste of time. –J.]
    LR has to go the get these missing 10% of image quality to be a real competition when it comes to top class quality.

  4. let’s talk about image quality…re: the forkless cruiser. someone doesn’t get aspect ratio. But the bike is cool.
    Oh, and I think LR3 is pretty hot…at least that’s what I read somewhere. 😉

  5. im a studio photographer and the reason why im using C1 is that it has unmatched tethered shooting features.
    the image qulity is better then lightrooms. denying this will not help you and make you look like stupid fanboys.
    [Your reading comprehension sucks. I didn’t say that it was better or worse, a point I already clarified. I instead asked that people who prefer one method or the other show their work. –J.]
    […. I just asked you to demonstrate what you’re talking about. Apparently you can’t, so this is becoming a waste of time. …]
    are you to dumb to try it yourself?
    [I’m not the one claiming that C1 is better. I want the people making that claim to back it up. Shouldn’t be so hard for a pro like you, right? –J.]

  6. are you to dumb to try it yourself?
    Gotta love the missing o in too.
    Hey, I’d try Capture 1, only it doesn’t support the raw formats of two of my cameras, one of which is over a year old now, the other more than three. Lightroom, however, does.
    Image quality counts, but without camera support, what’s the point?

  7. That “Katzenklavier” wikipedia entry is blatantly phony.
    Among other things it contains a moronic, historically absurd sentence to the effect that “When the King of Spain Felipe II was in Brussels in 1549 visiting his brother the Emperor Charles V…”. Not only was Phillip II of Spain (Felipe II) not Charles V’s “brother but his son, but Felipe II would not have been king of Spain while his father, Charles V, was still alive because the latter was King of Spain (as Carlos I of Spain) as well as Holy Roman emperor.
    Bottom line: wikipedia is always to be scrupulously mistrusted. Cat fanciers can rest assured that the “cat piano” is a joke.

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