SF PUG Thursday: Optimizing Photoshop performance

Tomorrow evening (Thursday), all-around smart/interesting guy Adam Jerugim from the Photoshop team will be speaking at the San Francisco Photoshop User Group meeting:

The talk will focus on Photoshop performance best practices to help enable users to get the most out of Photoshop with their current hardware setup. In addition, there will be guidance provided for users that plan on buying new hardware or upgrading their existing Photoshop & Lightroom systems. Information will also be provided about tools you can use to optimize your specific workflow, GPUs, and running 64-bit applications.

Our speaker, Adam Jerugim, has been part of the Photoshop engineering team for the last 10 years and is mainly responsible for performance and hardware compatibility testing. In addition to being an avid photographer, he is also working to complete his MFA in Digital Arts and New Media at UC Santa Cruz.

See the event page for more info. For a slide deck from Adam & co. on the subject of optimizing Photoshop performance, see previous.

3 thoughts on “SF PUG Thursday: Optimizing Photoshop performance

  1. This sounds like a very interesting program. Unfortunately, many of your readers live too far from the Bay area to attend.
    Would it be possible for Mr. Jerugim to put some or all of his thoughts in a guest column on your blog or elsewhere on Adobe’s website? In particular, I am interested in his thoughts on appropriate hardware for running PS and other Adobe applications. There is much advice available on building low, medium and high end computer systems, and on computers for gaming (usually using the latest and most expensive video card) but it is hard to find much on what is needed to maximize performance for Adobe Creative Suite applications (other than the need for a fast scratch disk). With the graphics card potentially being one of the most expensive parts of a computer, advice on what type of graphics card will maximize performance on the Adobe apps without wasting money would be particularly appreciated.

  2. +1 to John’s comments. The SF PUG is yet another reason to be jealous of those living in SF. In adition to John’s comments I would also like to know the best practices for installed/current photoshop preferences, OS preferences, hardware RAM, Video Card additions and/or settings. The links in the post refer to suggestions from 2007. Things are probably different now with OS X 10.6.2/Windows 7. Just add these requests to the rest of the pile – you seem to have a lot going on…

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