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  1. John, my question. I’m very comfortable with Bridge and do quite a bit of editing of images I shoot with it.
    Does a paper/site exist that explains the benefits of purchasing Lightroom vs Bridge, for someone like me?

  2. I’ve got the same question as Murrey Walker: I very happy using Bridge and I don’t understand enough about LightRoom to know why I need it. Cheers, Henry

  3. I’m an Adobe employee (full disclosure) but wanted to share my “breakthrough” moment with you that might help answer your question….I had been using Photoshop/Bridge/ACR for years. I knew it well, knew all the trick and shortcuts, and could make it sing.
    Then a few years ago I spent a fall day with a family in an apple orchard doing a photo shoot. I shot over 600 images of them and their kids and when I came home I thought I’d compare my normal Bridge workflow with a Lightroom process. Now remember that this was a beta of 1.0 and I didn’t really know my way around the app too well, so this is sort of a worst-case comparison.
    The results, which I timed with a stop watch, really surprised me. I downloaded 600+ RAW images, previewed every single one of them, added ratings to my favorites, did some quick exposure and white balance, and uploaded a really slick Flash-based web gallery for the mom and dad….in less than 17 minutes! Seventeen minutes!
    The point…you get the same quality you’re used to with Photoshop/ACR/Bridge (it’s the same processing engine under the hood, we don’t believe that quality should ever be a trade-off) but you can get it a LOT faster. And that doesn’t even touch on the long-term benefits of better keywords, collections, smart collections, and searching.
    Hope that helps!

  4. That may be so, if you’d formulated your comment in a more sensible fashion people would feel less inclined to point to your mistakes. Talking trash about software the host of this blog is (indirectly) involved in making is just not a cool thing to do.

  5. John,
    I read and appreciate your blog (I’m one of your, I assume, many international readers), but I can’t refrain from commenting here on the fact that the sale is ‘US only’…
    Still, in this day and age, software sales on internet is geographically limited….?
    What is the reason behind this limitation? Is it Amazon, some trade regulation or is it Adobe?
    [I’m not sure in this case, Pat. I will say that when I’ve looked into seemingly simple things like contests, raffles, etc., I’ve found that they get nightmarishly complex when crossing borders. It has nothing to do with technology & everything to do with country-by-country regulations. –J.]

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