Mobile for iPhone now available worldwide

The Mobile team is excited to announce their latest news:

The iPhone app is now available in every country with an app store. Now our international users can upload, edit & share photos from their iPhone, too.

After spending three weeks as the “Top Free” app in the iTunes Store following its release in the US & Canada, we are glad to be able to offer Mobile to our global community, and we thank everyone for their patience as we worked to make this app available worldwide.

9 thoughts on “ Mobile for iPhone now available worldwide

  1. Attempting to sign in to does not work for me.
    I get asked to sign in with my Adobe ID.
    There are two fields: email address and password.
    However, my usual Adobe ID is *NOT* an email address.
    Attempting to use my standard Adobe ID results in an error saying that the first input is not a valid email address.
    I have had my Adobe ID for years, and it has always worked fine, and it still works fine on other areas of the Adobe site. I just checked it again.
    So what am I supposed to do? I already HAVE an Adobe ID, but won’t accept it because it’s not an email address?!
    [Here’s what I heard from someone on the team: “Note that all new accounts created on now require an email address for signup and will reject anything not in an email format. I realize it’s not the most comfortable for the user, but he will need to log into his Adobe ID account on and update his account to use an email address for the ID.” Hope that helps a bit, and sorry that things aren’t smoother. –J.]

  2. Just tested it on Android and looks like a good start. Very much like the flick panning/scrolling and performance is very good.
    A couple of points that jumped out:
    * The “ Mobile” title bar takes up a lot of screen real estate on the HTC Magic.
    * The design of the thumbnail browser screen suggests the thumbs are split left and right between “Phone” and “Online”. Kind of odd.
    * Thumb browser doesn’t display folders – just all images together. Would be nice to separate pics out so you can slide show your best pics without showing off your gf in her jimjams!
    * Would be nice to have a contrast control.
    * Set as wallpaper not working properly – resizes all images too small.
    Doesn’t quite replace the default gallery for me but looking forward to the next update. Cheers.

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