FluidPaint: Digital painting using actual liquids

For a little Monday mental stimulation, peep “FluidPaint: An Interactive Digital Painting System using Real Wet Brushes”:

Here’s related info (PDF). [Via Jerry Harris]

3 thoughts on “FluidPaint: Digital painting using actual liquids

  1. Marcus, those ugg boots messages weren’t spam, they were highly relevant! I think this is a cool demo. I love the realism of how the paint separates and has an uneven opacity in streaks, which is really hard to do in photoshop. The only negative I noticed is that it appears like every painting was made with watercolor. I don’t know if that’s a limitation of the system or what. Great potential though.

  2. Well… I suppose that “UGG” is pretty on topic :o).
    Now, for the video: probably the recognition system can use the water trail left by the brush to compute some kind of “water randomness” mixed with vanilla video tracking of the brush tip/shape.
    Sometime ago I created some watercolor brushes on PS using a combination of dual brush, textures and direction jitter. Good to create big washes, not so good in detailing (then again, real watercolor have the same shortcomings…).

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