Notes on Flash Player stability & the future

  • Flash Player Product Mgr. Emmy Huang has shared some details in response to reports of a crashing bug in Flash Player. She apologizes for the bug having gotten past the team & talks about improvements going forward.
  • If you’d like to help improve the quality of Flash Player, please see these notes on betas & bug reporting from Ted Patrick.
  • Interesting reads from non-Adobe staff on the future of Flash come from Grant Skinner (a long-time & highly respected developer) and Jeremy Allaire (creator of ColdFusion & CEO of streaming video company Brightcove).

10 thoughts on “Notes on Flash Player stability & the future

  1. Can we now expect Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch to further explain the statement he made several days ago: “I can tell you that we don’t ship Flash with any known crash bugs” ?
    Because this is in direct collision with what Huang wrote:
    “(…) so when this bug was reported we were pretty much locked and loaded for launch.”
    ” (…) instead of marking it for the next Flash Player 10 security dot release.”
    which implies that at least a major Flash release and perhaps several security dot release were shipped with the known crash bug.
    I really don’t know is it worse for a CTO of a company like Adobe to say such things intentionally or unintentionally…

  2. Thanks for the links and the heads up. Adobe is on their way to clearing their name from the Apple backlash swiftly, and very professionally.
    Great Job Adobe!

  3. The more 3rd party commenters you can get the better. Of course Adobe employees love the Flash, but round up the non-affiliated users for more objective support.
    I’m an Apple fan AND a 10-year Flash user and I don’t care about all this as much as you and commenters on your other posts. Why the political “responses”? Why not just release CS5 and let us use and decide? No one is leaving this month.

  4. Milos, don’t you think you are unreasonably chasing perfection? Releasing software is non-trivial, and the Flash team does as good a job as you will see anywhere. Both Kevin and Emmy’s remarks serve to highlight just how serious the Flash team is about this. I’m empathetic enough to see nothing wrong in Kevin’s remarks.

  5. Actually, I do not think I’m chasing perfection, let alone unreasonably. You know – in the same way as I don’t think that war is peace or freedom is slavery.
    I believe that you’re trying to put a spin on a very simple fact that two prominent Adobe employees made two contradictory statements regarding what happened, in the very important matter. I’m talking about credibility and whether we can trust what Adobe is saying.
    There’s no nitpicking here, this Lynch guy – he said exactly what he wanted to say. My questions are:
    – did he knew that there was a reported bug in the released version? – which would make him li… not saying the truth.
    – didn’t he knew that there was a reported bug in the released version? – which would make him incompetent.

  6. I know i’t doesn’t help solving, but:
    “the bug having gotten past the team”
    Like my car has been stolen for weeks but i just figured it out (very) lately.

  7. Welcome to the Troublezone.
    Now a website wants me to install latest FP.
    Ok went to the fancy Adobe KB FP check center found via Google here
    it says FP Version: WIN 10,0,42,34
    BTW: Why Can’t you check flash player version immediately at flash player download page !??? GUYS!!!!
    Ok went there
    and it says newest version IS
    which i have installed!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah the “get +” “Adobe DLM” is soooo HOT!!!!!
    What are you guys getting PAID for!!!!???
    Jerking around the office or the Basketball court????
    Hell, i see it comning, this stuff is goining to become a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You do realize that many trojan horse sites (malware) try to get you to download a “Flash Player Update”, right?
    And that many Flash authors hand code their own version check, and some of them get it wrong?
    Yeah, the download page should show you your current version – you shouldn’t have to hunt down the version check page.
    But my guess is that you just got fooled by a bad site.

  9. The Website i were talking about is Andrew Kramers website and it usually works like a charm. I wrote him another email but he says he checked everything is fine.
    I hate the install procedure vie Adobe DLM and no immediate flash player version checking online and btw. what the hell ist this Mc Affee viruse check tool. Is Adobe in the Advertising biz?
    Everythign starts with the little things, so guys cleand that up first an things will look much freshier afterwards and i’ll keep my mouth saying that you guys are just lazy.

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