The iPad dirt pile

“That a big dirt pile back there!,” says our two-year-old in-house photo critic Finn eyeing the iPad’s default background image. “How did that dirt pile get back there??” ArtInfo has the story. (Apologies to photog Richard Misrach; it really is a nice image.) [Via]


[Update regarding a couple of the comments: Guys, I was just passing along a (to me cute) thing my kid said about this new device, as I’ve been doing. I’m not trying to yank anybody’s chain, and I find that we can all handle most thing better with a sense of humor. Let’s not let the enjoyment of Apple products turn anybody into a scowling Defender of Faith and Morals, eh? :-)]

12 thoughts on “The iPad dirt pile

  1. Finn is entirely correct in his assessment. Technically speaking it is a pile of dirk and rocks. So is the iPad, although a processed subset of dirt and rocks. ^.^

  2. Is this what we can expect from Adobe employees now – snarky or insulting comments about everything Apple? I couldn’t believe the unprofessional rant I saw on the Flash blog. There were more rants posted to Twitter by Adobe employees. It’s getting old, guys. It’s unprofessional, not cute

  3. William – I see nothing snarky about this post. John is relating an observation by his baby boy, something he does frequently. Out of the mouths of babes, you know… the kid said something unexpectedly insightful based on a limited world experience, Dad thought it was cute, and further gave enough attention to it that he posted information from the artist.
    Further, he complimented the artist, and provided links to additional resources.
    It might be worth the extra few seconds it takes you to step back from looking for insults. There are legitimate reasons for animosity, and you’ll find that John is pretty free with his opinion on both sides. But he’s hardly been anything less than respectful and professional.

  4. Scott: Borrowing your own reasoning, since John is so respectful and professional, it would be deadly obvious to him that right now is not the best time for him to post a blog entry with title like this on a website on, hence it’s very reasonable for people to suspect John’s motivations are not very respectful and professional.

  5. Bryan – one could also argue that he’s following his staid routine of being timely 🙂
    After all, the device has only been out for a short time.
    But I am confused; because of the recent press surrounding Apple’s decision, is it uncouth for anyone to be in any way critical of them? Or is it just a stricture against those of us who happen to use Adobe products, too?
    John loves him some Mac goodness, but he’s neither blind nor short-sighted. I suppose that means he’s not a true Mac lover so much as a true Experience lover that happens to have chosen a Mac.
    Put me in the same boat – I switched to Mac because the barriers I’d encountered previously are eroding, and I like the experience. It doesn’t mean I have a shrine to Steve.
    Be reasonable folks – it was a simple comment made by a child. If there’s any subtext to be had, it’s what readers bring to it. Take some personal responsibility for your own interpretations, okay?

  6. btw – I’m done arguing this point… if either of you (or anyone else) wants to take this up with me personally, you can email me:
    lightningsymphony @ gmail . com
    I will presume that a lack of emails implies you only want to argue publicly, thus have some ego at stake in defending Apple blindly.
    John and I certainly have our differences, but neither of us is given to making broad generalizations that lead to fallacious conclusions, intentionally skewed in hopes of feeling superior. We just make direct insults as applicable. 😉

  7. If you change the way you act or think because of this, *you’re giving in to the terrorists*!
    Oh, sorry… I confused the issue with something *important*

  8. Misrach is a wonderful photographer but his work is best seen the way he wants you to see them: really big and in a gallery or museum. Richard only recently switched from shooting 8×10 inch color negative film to very high resolution digital.

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